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Finding New Customers and Growing Sales

The biggest challenge for any small business or salesperson is Finding New Customers and Growing Their Sales, despite a slow economy.

Infofree can help you! When I started this company, we didn’t have even ONE customer. Today, we have over 150,000 customers that use our service to find new customers and grow their sales. We have grown our business every year – even when the economy is struggling.

HOW? By finding a steady stream of new customers. Every small business owner, salesperson or marketer needs new customers. gives you the tools to do just that. is the first step in getting leads. It’s not a cure all. You have to qualify those leads and measure the cost/benefit. I can’t promise you will make millions overnight, but if you follow some of these basic sales tips, you will be successful in growing your business like we have.

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Top 10 Tips for Finding New Customers and Growing Sales

  • TIP 1: Know Your Customers

    Every salesperson and marketer should know the basic profile of their customers. Who they are, where they live, what industries they are in and what their needs are. Once you know these, it’s much easier to find new prospects.

  • TIP 2: Profile Your Customers

    Profiling is basically learning more about your customers. Once you know their characteristics, you are on your way to finding new customers. For business customers, you should know their industry and size of business. For consumers, you should know their age and income.

  • TIP 3: Inactive Customers – “We Want You Back”

    Find out why these customers stopped buying, and do whatever it takes to win them back. Call and email them often.

  • TIP 4: New Customers – The Key to Growing Your Business

    Clone your best customers and find more just like them.

  • TIP 5: Reduce Selling Costs and Be More Productive… Use CRM101

    Manage your sales leads in ONE place with our contact manager (CRM101). Save contact names, take notes, schedule follow-up calls or emails – Work smarter, not harder!

  • TIP 6: Email Marketing… We Have Emails

    This is a quick, low-cost option for finding new customers and for staying in touch with existing customers. In comparison to direct mail, email marketing can be done quickly and more efficiently – avoiding printing and postage costs.

  • TIP 7: Direct Mail is Not Dead

    It’s a reliable method that uses time tested practices to generate results. A study by the Direct Marketing Association found that the response rate for direct mail to an existing customer averages 3.4 percent, compared to 0.12 percent for email. With the right offer and data, direct mail can deliver more than just a meaningful piece of mail; it can produce a powerful return on investment. Plus, you have a sales force of 250,000 carriers delivering your printed message directly to a potential customer!

  • TIP 8: Direct Mail for Lead Generation

    There are two commonly used formats:

    • Envelope mailing: This includes a sales letter with a brochure or flyer with the sales reps contact information on it
    • Self-mailer: This piece requires no envelope, such as a postcard or simple brochure
      The message should include a compelling offer, so the prospect will respond quickly.
  • TIP 9: Was Your Direct Mail a Success or Failure?

    Focus on results, not returned mail! What matters is this – did you make money? Undeliverable mail is a fact of life.

  • TIP 10: Qualify Prospects to Cut Sales Costs

    With today’s emphasis on improving sales efficiency and reducing selling costs, prospect qualification is the rule, rather than the exception.




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