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Are your sales leads getting the job done?

When you’re running a company, sales leads are a critical aspect of your business. After all, you want to find as many new consumers as possible, and that’s not something you can easily do with limited sales leads.

Data re-sellers vs. actual sales leads compilers

There are many data re-sellers out there, but very few actual data compilers like Infofree. These days depending on where you get your sale leads, you cant be sure how old or outdated your business or consumer leads are. With Infofree.com you always get the best, most accurate sales leads in the industry. Our research team spends millions of dollars each year updating and cleaning up our sales leads to ensure that you get the most reliable leads to prospect with. With Infofree.com you get triple-verified, 95% accurate data.

Having poor leads can result in low sales, minimal customer satisfaction and few new clients. If your business is struggling with any of these, perhaps it’s time to reconsider where you’ve been obtaining your sales lists. If you haven’t been experiencing growth, perhaps it’s not your marketing that is the problem; in this instance, it’s probably time to reconsider where you’re getting your leads from.

An effective list of sales and marketing leads can provide your business with unlimited opportunities. Once you have the names of potential clients, you know who out there may have a need for your product or service. You can market more effectively and be better able to attract new consumers with the best leads – what business wouldn’t want that?

When you’re seeking the top provider of sales leads, head straight to Infofree.com. With highly accurate databases, continually updated lists and millions of potential leads, your business can rest assured knowing it’s using the best sales lists available.

Looking for consumer or business sales sales?

When you subscribe to Infofree.com you get unlimited access to our business and consumer leads in the United States. Our main databases include business, consumer, executive emails, new businesses, small businesses. We also have many specialty sales leads databases like new movers, car owners, millionaires, insurance agents, consumers turning 65, and many more. Build the perfect list with Infofree.com sales leads today. Call us at 877.448.0101.

Bonus Features – CRM & Mobile App

Infofree.com subscribers get free access to our easy-to-use contact manager, CRM101. The contact manager allows users to manage all of their prospects and existing customers from one location. Customers can also create notes for each lead and even schedule appointments. In the contact manager, you can also view all of your prospects on a map. Our free app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices is available to download to give you access through the use of your phone.

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