Questions and Answers


Can I rename or add a status to a prospect or customer?

You cannot rename or create a new status. However, you can utilize tags. You can change the color, rename/delete the existing tags, and create new additional tags for your prospect or customer.

Can I set a reminder pop-up for tasks/followups?

There is currently no pop-up reminder functionality in the web based CRM101. However, you can utilize Calendar and /or Activity Summary when you first sign into CRM101 to view upcoming tasks, appointments and follow ups. You can also sync the CRM101 Calendar with your Microsoft Outlook calendar or with your Google Gmail calendar and set a reminder there. Additionally the CRM101 App has a reminder notification feature that can be enabled for appointments & follow up tasks.

How do I send an email from CRM101?

*Please note: To send out a bulk email like a newsletter or an offer to a large quantity of addresses, you should never use a common SMTP server like the ones associated to free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc…). They are not structured to handle mass mailings. They have limits on outgoing mail and the number of recipients per email. Plus, you will surely have delivery problems, the vast majority of your messages will be simply filtered out by the ISPs and incoming servers.

Yes, using your email account you can send up to 250 emails per day from CRM101. You will need to enter your email account user information and the outgoing (SMTP) mail server name and port number to connect CRM101 with your email account by going to My Email and then Email Settings. If the email account type is exchange you should contact your help desk for the server and port information.

There is a Help Section for the most common free email providers if assistance is needed with finding user and server information.

How do I delete a prospect and or customer from CRM101?

Yes. Move your mouse over the lead and select Delete from the icons that appear or click on the trashcan icon located on far right side of each prospect. You can also check-mark the box in front of the prospect(s), then click the Delete button.

How do I delete an entire list from CRM101?

Yes. Under the Filters tab, select the list that you would like to delete, then click on the trash can icon that appears when you hold your mouse pointer over the list, then click Yes in the Confirm Deletion dialog box.

Can I export/print an entire list from CRM101?

No. At this time you can only export/print individual Prospects from their details page. If you need the entire list, you would use the ‘download csv file’ export option on

Can I import my own prospects and customers into CRM101?

Yes. Simply click the ‘Import Prospects’ button, type a name for the list (Ex: Current Customers) in the Import List dialog box, browse to select the file you are importing and click Import.

In the Import Customers dialog box, match your column headings with CRM101 fields and click Save to complete the import. Note: If after a few minutes, the Import Customers dialog box has not appeared there may be an issue with the csv file you are trying to import. Leading and/or trailing spaces in a cell is a common problem. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1.877.448.0101 for assistance.

How do I edit a note?

Place your mouse over the note you want to edit, and click on the pen icon that appears. Edit the note and then click on the Save icon.

How do I delete a note?

Select the record, scroll down and click on the ‘x’ on the right side of the Note you want to delete. Click OK in the dialog box to confirm the deletion.

Can I import all the contacts from a company to the CRM101?

No, only the primary contact is imported. You will have to add the additional contacts manually by going to the company details and clicking ‘Add Contact’ underneath the Additional Contact Information section.

How do I show my tags on the map?

Simply select the check marked box next to ‘All’ in each Filter section to deselect everything. Then select the Tag(s) you want to show on the map and then click the Apply button. Note that the map marker itself can’t be changed from a Status to a Tag.

Does automatically update records in CRM101?

No. Updates to records on do not automatically carry over into CRM101. But we do alert you and allow you to pick the updates you wish to receive within CRM101.

How do I sort to only show a specific tag, list, status, etc…?

Click on the Filter drop-down tab located in the top left-hand side of the page, then select the desired item(s) you want to filter by then click Apply.

How do I add a follow-up task?

From a Prospect or Customer list, hover your mouse over the Contact Name and select ‘Add Follow Up’. In the Follow Up dialog box, check-mark the box in front of the add description field, enter an appropriate description, set the Reminder fields and click Save.

If the task is a call, email or appointment, select by clicking the desired one, check-mark the box in front of Make Call, Send Email or Set Appointment, add an appropriate description, set the Reminder fields and click Save.

You can accomplish the same if you are on a Prospect or Customer details page. The Follow Up section is on the right hand side if you have not reordered the panels.

All Follow up tasks can be viewed in My Calendar on the Follow up tab.

If I make changes in CRM101 using my PC when are those changes reflected in the Infofree mobile app?

When a change is made using your PC or mobile app, it is made to the database and it should be reflected almost immediately on other devices as well. If the information is not displayed correctly, refresh the mobile app or web page.

To refresh the page on the mobile app:

  • Go to ‘menu’ tab and select ‘prospect’ or ‘customer’ tab

To refresh the web page on PC:

  • Press ‘F5’ on keyboard or click on the ‘reload this page’ icon located on address bar

How does the address mapping work?

When importing from Infofree to CRM101: For records that are imported from Infofree, they already have longitude and latitudes or all records with a valid address. This piece of information is imported along with other consumer/business data and used for the mapping purposes.

When importing a personal list using csv or excel file to CRM: We have a system in place which validates the address and verifies with google to retrieve a longitude and latitude information corresponding to every record that the user manually imported to the CRM. As long as the address is valid and google maps can recognize it, we are able to retrieve the geolocation information.

Unfortunately, if the address is not structured properly when the user uploads the records, we are unable to verify it and retrieve the corresponding geolocation information from Google.