Homeowner Lists

Owning a home is a big responsibility. With the need to protect their investment as well as their financial security, homeowners have great interest in a wide range of offers directed toward their homes and families. They are great prospects for credit cards, insurance, real estate, home security, home equity loans, subscriptions, catalog merchandise, and other consumer goods and services.

How homeowner lists help your marketing

Are you looking to sell your products to consumers, but not quite sure where to start? Consider sending your marketing pieces to homeowners. Homeowner leads are readily available if you know where to find them, and this group represents a great potential market that is often left untapped by advertisers. There is a wide range of homeowners that companies can sell to, from people who are moving into a new home to those simply looking for a new company to provide services that their home needs.

Homeowners have money to spend

Homeowners, especially those who have recently moved or plan on relocating in the near future, spend a great deal of money. In fact, data from Epsilon’s New Mover Report showed that moving families spend an average of $9,000 every time they change residences. They are also more likely to consider trying new brands and company services, unlike many stationary, loyal consumers.

With recent and soon-to-be moving families spending this amount of money, it is clear that they are in the market for new consumer goods, different service providers, and upgrades on products they already have. Because so many families change houses frequently, being visible in a client’s mailbox can increase your chances of gaining new customers who are looking to spend money on new products and services. By getting accurate homeowner leads, you will find that you have a whole new potential client base receiving your direct mail pieces.

How to get the best homeowner leads

When you want a list, you do not want to settle for just any data. Your company needs the best consumer information available, especially when you are targeting homeowners. You do not want to waste your resources sending out marketing materials only to find they were addressed to the wrong people, the house is vacant, or the residence was demolished.

To get the best homeowner leads you can find, use Infofree for your data needs. Infofree can provide your business with accurate, up-to-date customer information that will help your company target the consumers who will spend money on your products and services. Having great homeowner leads is a key element of targeting new consumers. If you stick with your old list, you may find that you are not getting the responses you once were. If you want your business to be provided with the best leads available, use Infofree for your homeowner lists and other data needs.

For a low monthly price, you can improve your efforts to homeowners by gathering an accurate and relevant list of leads that are looking for your specific products or services. You’ll be able to benefit from improved effectiveness and overall profitability from telemarketing and email campaigns through homeowner leads and other types of lists and databases that we offer.


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