We have the most Accurate Data

Infofree.com is committed to providing quality data to help your business or career succeed. Our databases are compiled from the best sources available.

Increase Your Sales With Our Databases

Imagine if you had to go out and find these leads on your own… it would take a lot of time and cost thousands of dollars. At infofree.com, for a flat monthly price, you can have access to unlimited sales leads – any time you want, without limits.

Our Databases are a starting point. You may have to qualify the leads for your particular business, but once you do, you will end up with a high quality prospect list which will help you find new customers and grow your sales.Just one new Customer will pay for the entire years cost.

At infofree.com you can get unlimited sales leads at a low flat monthly price. This is one hell of a bargain and can make you a lot of money. But please, don’t expect perfection because there is no such thing like that in the database business.

Don’t Expect 100% Accuracy

Perfect accuracy within a database is simply not possible. Businesses come and go on a daily basis, so maintaining 100% accuracy is a myth. Our databases are not perfect, but they are the best and most accurate in the industry.

We Can’t Qualify Every Business Name… every day

Not all sales leads are pre-qualified. Many people have very high expectations for their sales leads, mailing lists and databases. While we are constantly updating our files, it is simply impossible to guarantee that every name is valid and is a “qualified” lead.

Hundreds of Millions of Records

When you are dealing with hundreds of millions of records it is very possible that there will be inaccuracies, holes and obsolete names. Unfortunately, that is just the nature of the business. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are not telling the TRUTH!

What You Can Expect From Our Databases

On average, you can expect the following accuracy levels:

  • Business Database is compiled and updated by us, leading to triple-verified data. Our average accuracy is 95% — the best in the industry!
  • Consumer/Homeowner Databases are licensed from third parties. Our average accuracy is 90% — nothing better exists.
  • Weekly Hot Sales Leads such as New Businesses, New Homeowners, and New Movers — come from public sources like county and state licensed files, and coverage will vary greatly by geography. We are only as good as our suppliers and have no control over them. Average accuracy is 80%.

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