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Digital marketers, marketing consultants, advertisers, and marketing managers utilize Infofree for their marketing efforts. is a great low-cost tool for marketers to use for finding their exact target market segment.

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Many users are in the field of marketing. They use to get the latest sales leads for their marketing and sales purposes. Whether it’s direct mail, telemarketing, or email, we provide the business and consumer data that your company or sales people need to get in contact with potential new clients. Just listen to what they had to say below!

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“Since we have switched to Infofree, we have substantial financial growth. Not only is the data good, but it is much more cost effective.” —Max Berry, EVP Sales

“Infofree has been instrumental in the growth of our company. I would say, realistically, Infofree has been directly responsible for at least 40% of our new business. I would recommend Infofree to all my family and friends and business associates who are looking to generate new business and get accurate information for the people they’re trying to reach.” —Bill Ross

“It’s incredibly inexpensive for the value that you get.” —Eric Christopher, CEO of Local Business Rockstar

“We make approximately $3,000 per week from Infofree.” —Gary Gardner, Cartvertising

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