Recency – Frequency – Monetary Value: The Three Legged Database Marketing Strategy

Three Legged Database Marketing Strategy: RFM

Database Marketing, a three-legged strategy, balanced on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value are together known as RFM. As an entrepreneur, you take advantage of excellent time-tested leads from and build effective marketing strategies to maximize your ROI.

At the onset, your team must understand what those three interdependent terms RFM really stand for:

Recency –  the last time a prospect completed the action.
Frequency –   comes from the number of times the prospect revisited the action.
Monetary Value –  the total value of effective or projected sales.

CRM tool, which comes free with is effective in utilizing to get the best results from the leads provided. There are numerous AI solutions and in recent times have been used to calculate and modify the results as your team goes forward.


CRM will then also keep track of recency which varies from business to business and can be 30 to 90 days depending on the product. An upgrade or modified advanced version can give an idea of loyalty to the client.


Frequency measurements will vary for products based on the type of industry, again, there is always a reason for the visit. The factors that come into play are repetitive buyers, upgrading clients or visitors with the potential of committed sales within certain periods.

Monetary Value

Your team effort in the real world measurements will be evaluated on the cash flow in addition to finances which are where your team has to evaluate the sum-total of ROI. The results appearing on the M factor, guide the team to fine-tune the other two factors R and F.

Pragmatic Strategy Approach

Overall, Recency and Frequency correlate in the process and will work at defining the best output. And monetary value footprints guide the updates to those two as the marketing strategy moves forward from the initial stages.

RFM analytical pundits across the spectrum urge to give the most attention to customers with the highest RFM. While, comparatively, those with the lowest put on win-back mode or removed from the efforts.

Your team will do well to see the fine nuances of defining the equations in your particular business. High frequency will manifest as negative experience while low frequency will stand the test of time and yield positive results.

Your best database marketing strategy will evolve moreover as your team uses the CRM tool. And coupled with handling the leads from establishes a path to understanding and using the RFM factors.


Building Your Brand and Gaining Awareness

Art of Brand Awareness


Every entrepreneur dreams of his company’s brand name to have a recognition starting from the concerned business sector to beyond. The path to success is multi-faceted and systematic. On their own, both of these have strengths and weaknesses but an optimized combination of the following factors yields amazing results to build your brand. With the availability of accurate leads from, you should be on the road to a higher level of brand awareness.


Consistent Logo and Image


Your target audience will definitely get confused if you keep changing your logo across marketing platforms. Keep the main aspects of the design the same to avoid confusion and increase brand awareness.


Direct Mail Magic


Direct mail, specifically brand consistency, landing at the doorsteps of your targeted audiences, does wonders. Even when the receiver picks up and throws it in the garbage without reading, remember that his/her subconscious memory registers your prominent logo/image. When this happens many times, the person remembers your name/logo/image when the need arises for a product or solution.


Digital Platforms


Marketers need to vigilant using different digital platforms. The bottom line will be to keep a high level of image/logo consistency across their various marketing channels. For example, there are differences in the way your team needs to post on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram but the tone and image must have a loud voice of consistency.


Call to Action


Many methods are used in marketing strategies that raise brand awareness. For example, with direct mail, such call-to-actions are working wonders in some of the business sectors like real estate, promoting to a target audience. Whatever is your sector, there is always an innovative way forward, you can design to test your audience. The experiments will precipitate the best path forward on the road to a much rewarding customer journey.


Luring to Stay


While your marketing strategy stays remains defined, it’s best to design other marketing materials. Using snail mail, your team can drive traffic to your website. Promotional offers and incentives will go a long way in attracting a prospect to consider your products.

Using CRM


Last but not the least is the powerful tool of CRM101 which is free on for you to use. According to Prajol Shakya, Software Developer for, ”Being able to reach out to multiple leads by sending saved email templates with just a few clicks makes the work of the user so much more efficient.”


Content, Content, Content…The Force Behind Successful Marketing

Content is the Force Behind Successful Marketing

Over the years, with the changing scenario of marketing strategies, not only are there emails, search, social and many other channels but also it has been proven that “Content” is the blood running in the veins of all kinds of marketing efforts. Although the basic undercurrent of content for your product remains the same, your team must fine tune it for different channels. We can outline those finer points in the following:




Email Content

Email content needs attention to both subject line and body. Depending on the nature of your business, you need to keep the content concise. For large, targeted database lists, try It’s critical to have interest generating content in the first line to grab attention. Another very successful hint is to innovate and improve the content to include tips, business news or any periodic FREE offers which will benefit your audience and keep them engaged.

Social Channels

Most of the social media platforms differ ever so slightly but that difference is vital. The best way to reap benefits is to maximize your content marketing time and budget. Tailor your content to the audience of each platform. You need to make sure that each piece of your content is contextually appropriate. Never forget the word “social” when dealing with social media platforms. Although it seems obvious, there is a key to your social media campaign’s success: Just listen more than you talk. When it’s your turn to talk, do so in a relevant way to increase your company’s lead generation capacity.

On the Web

An important factor to observe while putting content on the website is to make sure there is a short summary at the start. This entices the prospect, if interested, to delve into further details of your product. The executive summary is also great to send to leads from with links to read on the website. This filters out clutter and you have a refined list of prospects.

Marketing Strategies and How To Understand Them

Magic Word to Follow: “Understanding”

The marketing strategies of a majority of businesses are always evolving. That being said, optimizing different aspects instead of the strategy as a whole will bring the best results. Use the time-tested business and consumer database from and include the following steps to provide a better understanding. New Tagline

Understanding Customer/Prospect Factor:

“The customer is always right.” First, a thorough research of the available customer data using AI solutions will provide a general template for reaching out to similar prospects. There are various databases available at These databases can be extremely helpful in segregating and fully utilizing the consumer data with their free CRM101 tool.


Engagement Understanding

 Once the particular segregated database lists are ready it’s time to engage. One of the most recent and popular engagement tools used today are social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter both offer polling abilities where you can directly ask for the opinions of followers of the particular brand/company. Including a special offer in the poll-post will greatly increase traffic and engagement. Also, directly engaging with a customer base on social media shows a high level of understanding.

Understanding Testing

 Keeping loyal customers engaged in beta tests and new offers while receiving their feedback will do wonders. Some customers enjoy testing new modifications of the product as it keeps them engaged. Loyal customers then feel involved in the development of the products and provide much-needed word-of-mouth promotion.


Review Rights Understanding

 The ‘review rights procedure’ is used primarily for digital platforms. Many social media platforms allow businesses to run a review process and get feedback on their products. Anyone can implement this method simultaneously through other marketing channels and website platforms. Customers can review products and feel involved like they’re a part of the experience.


Understanding Demographic Factors

 There are many evolving methods to filter a customer base into chosen demographics for internal use. Multiple points of interaction, both online and offline yield this knowledge without leaking the information to outer domains. Make sure to factor this information when planning to approach certain prospects. Over time it will become apparent how crucial this data is to accomplish business goals. Using search tools through you can pour the data into a CRM101 tool included in the subscription and reap the monetary benefits.



Emails not working? Blame it on your subject line…


Logo Hot Sales Leads



Why Your Emails are Not Working. Maybe it’s Your Subject Line

Businesses from all sectors rely on digital marketing through many different channels the majority of which comes through email marketing. The problem then lies in the subject line as it’s the first thing a prospect sees before opening the email. Your marketing team concentrates on eye-catching and useful content your prospect will like. It’s never wise to make the assumption that, even if the email was read, there will be a high volume of responses, calls, or actions on your website. In most cases, the act of just deleting the email is much easier than spending the time to look at the content and decide if it’s of any use. That’s why the subject line of your emails is the single most important aspect of the email.


Use these tips to create noteworthy subject lines that will deliver results:


Short and Intriguing 

If you can pack powerful words to raise a question or construct a challenge that elicits an answer with due thought to the prospective target audience, your email is sure to gain attention.


Avoid Spam Essence

The subject line can never contain certain words/phrases, which are identified as spam by the email providers.


Generic – No, Specific – Yes

Your subject line should reflect your business and there should be an inviting tone to open the email to benefit from that. Generic phrases which have been overused by the spam marketing sites must be avoided like plague. Try to stand out and entice your audience with words.


Using/Providing a Blog/Expert Opinion 

Sometimes it works wonders to hand out a blog post or an expert opinion piece on one of the services that you are projecting to the prospects. If the email is opened once and the opinion or expert advice liked, be assured similar content will deliver similar results.


Trial and Error Method

The age-old method “trial and error” for solutions to mathematical equations is a must to implement here. Making a few subject lines and using them to test response rate can be very beneficial.


Concentrate on Questions

Last but not the least is the way to scan inquiries and questions that your sales team receives from present customers or prospective clients over a period of time. If one customer/prospect asks a question rest assured there are others seeking the same advice.

Armed with these, you are ready to use lead generation data provided by and don’t forget to utilize the free CRM101 tool to add, save and use for the best results as you move forward.