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Our Nonprofit database is full of non-profit, tax-exempt organizations that raise money for the museums, religious institutions, education, politics and more. There is a non profit for nearly every topic possible, meaning the sky is the limit for the products and services they are in need of. Whether you’re looking for a specific nonprofit or just nonprofits in general, Infofree can help you connect with them. Our accurate leads lists, enable you to find prospective customers who are likely to be interested in your services or products. We give you all of the information you need to make those connections, with consistently accurate data.

Build Targeted Lists of Nonprofit Organization Leads

One of the most effective ways to improve your marketing campaign’s ROI is to target the most appropriate audience for your message. Using a database at Infofree, you can choose leads based on several items of information, including geography (city, zip code, area code, radius, bounding box, and county), sales volume, years in business, job title, business and SIC type, and more. To avoid participating in unwanted solicitation, you can also remove phone numbers on the Do Not Call (DNC) registry.

Spend Less on a Reliable Nonprofit Lead Database

Our databases give you access to millions of nonprofit organizations, with millions of other leads, millions of email addresses, and millions of direct mail addresses through nonprofit mailing lists. Our lists include many different features at an affordable price that you won’t likely find elsewhere.

Where We Gather Lead Data From

Accurate lead data is vital to a successful marketing and sales campaign, because incomplete or outdated information can result in wasted resources. There are multiple reasons why you need to make sure your data is consistently updated, including the fact that 25-33% of email addresses become outdated yearly, 20% of all postal addresses go through annual changes, and 18% of telephone numbers also change on a yearly basis. Infofree is among the few companies with the time and resources necessary to make sure all of your data remains accurate at all times.

The data we use comes from many different sources, including eBook registrations, email newsletter registrations, new business filings, and webinar registrations. We are also the only company in the U.S. to have a triple-verified business database to ensure maximum accuracy, with telephone, web and directory verification and monthly updates.

With our help, you can gain access to millions of nonprofit organizations, with a nonprofit database that connects you with leads that you may not have reached before. Our potentially unlimited nonprofit organization leads list could help you experience improved sales and, ultimately, better overall ROI to keep your company ahead of the competition. We offer our customers some of the best lead-gathering tools in the industry, which can allow your business to succeed with accurate lead data and relevant lists of prospective buyers.



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