New Email Function Improves’s CRM Tool’s New CRM Email Function Makes Sending Emails Easier

OMAHA, NE–(Marketwired – June 27, 2016) –, the premier provider of unlimited sales leads and a free CRM, has added a new function to their CRM. Users are now able to pre-write and save email templates in the CRM. These templates can help make sending emails to multiple people much easier and more effective.

“Being able to reach out to multiple leads by sending saved email templates with just a few clicks makes the work of the user so much more efficient,” said Prajol Shakya, Software Developer for

With the users being able to send up to 250 emails a day, this updated feature allows for a much smoother and faster emailing process and gives the user the ability to reach out to more customers. It cuts down the time needed to create multiple messages or similar messages to different individuals. The email function is included with any subscription. subscribers are able to access the easy-to-use online database that provides sales leads, mailing lists, credit reports, background/criminal searches, and free CRM.

About Us:™ is a cloud-based, Software-As-A-Service (S-a-a-S) system that provides sales leads and mailing lists for a low monthly price. With’s system, you get unlimited sales leads, and the free CRM for a low monthly price. It also offers a mobile application with mapping features.’s triple-verified databases include 14 million businesses, 240 million consumers, and 26 million executives. was founded by Vin Gupta. Reach new homeowners, new movers, newlyweds, new businesses and much more at

Press Release

Federal Judge Denies Infogroup®’s Request for Preliminary Injunction against DatabaseUSA,, and AtoZ Databases

Judge John Gerrard rules against Infogroup® on all counts of their request

Omaha, NE (Marketwired – April 17, 2015) – The full 33 page judgement can be read here:

On the issue of improperly acquiring information from Infogroup’s proprietary databases, Judge Gerrard said, “Information from at least some of Infogroup’s seed files has been found in other competitors’ data and on public search engines… But there must be some showing, and here there is not: to the extent that Infogroup’s motion is focused on ‘webscraping,’ such conduct is not unlawful under Nebraska law.”

Additionally, the judge also noted that “But DatabaseUSA’s evidence pokes some holes in that theory. The information in Infogroup’s database is not wholly unavailable to the world at large – to begin with, while some data may come from private sources or Infogroup’s own information-gathering, a substantial amount of the data is compiled from publicly-available sources… DatabaseUSA’s evidence also casts a substantial doubt on whether any of the individual employee defendants could have obtained the data at issue. Three of the five individual defendants were terminated by Infogroup before the November 2011 seed data was inserted into the Infogroup database. Another was not hired by DatabaseUSA until after the June 2013 audit that discovered the seed data. And none of the former Infogroup employees (with the presumable exception of Gupta, who was out the door by 2008) had the necessary access to Infogroup’s database to have perpetrated a heist.”

Also, on the issue of engaging in false advertising, Judge Gerrard stated, “Because the Court finds that DatabaseUSA’s use of the word ‘verified’ is neither literally false, nor misleading in context, and that no tendency to deceive or actual deception has been shown, the Court finds that Infogroup has not shown a likelihood of succeeding on its claim.”

On the issue of the relationship between Mr. Gupta and Infogroup having been falsely represented and confusing customers, Judge Gerrard said, “And in this case, Gupta’s identification of himself as the founder of Infogroup and its associated entities is accurate – and Gupta is entitled to accurately describe his experience in the industry when marketing his company’s products and services… Nor, the court finds, has Infogroup sufficiently demonstrated actual confusion on the part of consumers. Infogroup’s evidence of confused consumers is, again, anecdotal at best.

Finally, on the issue of the “60 Minutes” video, Judge Gerrard stated, “Infogroup also contends that the ‘60 Minutes’ references, and description of DatabaseUSA as having been creating databases ‘since 1972,’ somehow supports its false association claim. Filing 81 at 16-17. But neither the ‘60 Minutes’ excerpts, nor the slogan, make any direct reference to Infogroup.”

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About Us:™ is revolutionizing the sales lead and mailing list industry by providing unlimited search, select and view of over 14 million businesses, 250 million consumers and hundreds of other specialty databases for low, flat rates. Reach new homeowners, new movers, newlyweds, new businesses and much more at provides high-quality, full service database and email marketing solutions to businesses and sales professionals. With over 200 years combined experience, the company is revolutionizing the way businesses find new prospects and grow their sales. proudly offers a 95% accurate, triple-verified database of mailing lists, email lists, and sales leads, as well as direct mail, database enhancements, and many other marketing and sales lead services.

AtoZdatabases, powered by, is a leading provider of job searches, reference, and marketing databases for public libraries, academic institutions, and government agencies across the United States. Sales Leads Loved by Mortgage Broker has received a positive review suggesting its mortgage leads are superior to those of competitor companies.

San Mateo, CA (October 9, 2014) –, the premier provider of sales leads and mailing lists, has received an outstanding review and recommendation from Tim Kepler, a Mortgage Advisor for Landmark Mortgage Group.

Kepler has been using’s sales leads since 2012. He continues to use the service for the great value and quantity of mortgage sales leads he’s found. Kepler has found the mortgage leads he needs to utilize a variety of marketing tools to grow his mortgage banking firm.

Kepler endorses’ sales leads at the affordable rate of only $49.95 per month. While he has used other systems in the past, he has found a better value, at only $49.95 per month, in his subscription.

“I have found that the value and the information and the ease of search with infofree was superior to other companies and other firms that I’ve worked with,” Kepler said of the tool.

Landmark Mortgage Group is a multi-purpose financial institution on the west coast. The mortgage banking firm focuses on providing mortgage financing for purpose and refinancing residential real estate. To learn more go to

Kepler and his associates can find value in mortgage and real estate leads, as well as other sales leads and database lists from is a subscription-based service providing sales leads, mailing lists, business credit reports, background/criminal searches and a fee contact manager, CRM101. To access this quality information go to

About Us:™ is revolutionizing the sales lead and mailing list industry by providing search, select and view of over 15 million business records, 250 million consumers and hundreds of other specialty databases for a low, flat price. Reach new homeowners, new movers, newlyweds, new businesses and much more!

Vin Gupta’s Reinvents CRM and Lead Gen Tools For Small Business

A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape:  Vinod Gupta, Founder and CEO,…

The content of this article was published on on January 8, 2014. You can read the original article here.

Legendary pioneer of database marketing and lead generation services, Vinod “Vin” Gupta is at it again.  After creating his first start-up in 1972, taking it public in 1993 and then selling it in 2010, he’s out to disrupt the lead generation business once again with the introduction of

Launched in 2011 with no outside funding, Gupta’s InfoFree is a user friendly and inexpensive online resource that allows sales people and small sized businesses to market to their most relevant audiences by providing unlimited sales leads, mailing lists, business credit reports, e-mail lists, and other relevant databases that connect through a simple, but powerful CRM package for just $49.95 a month. InfoFree now has over 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 users through its freemium model.

“We built our CRM service ourselves.  Our customers find CRM packages like too complicated for their needs.  I call it ‘CRM for Dummies’ with 3-4 simple but powerful functions.  90% of our customers didn’t use a CRM, so we asked them what they needed. We want to reach the least common denominator to develop the largest possible market.  There are five million small businesses and 20 million sales people, that’s the size of the market we are going after.

We’re a self-service subscription model based in the Cloud,” says Gupta. “I remember meeting Marc Benioff at the Aspen Institute 10 years ago.  He was telling me how he was going to revolutionize the CRM business and how he was changing the enterprise software model from licensing to recurring subscription revenue.  It stuck with me,” continues Gupta.

Having risen to success, he lost all independence in the running of his previous business and faced both shareholder law suits and an SEC investigation, following which he sold in 2010. He plans to keep InfoFree private.  “It’s run like a family company, which is the way I prefer it now.  I’m no longer a prisoner to managing a board or investors.  I spend my time helping customers. I just love being an entrepreneur. If you have a good product, at a great price and you’re proud of it–you just tell the truth.  It’s not a hard sell. My goal is to have one million users paying $49.95 a month,” continues Gupta.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in agriculture engineering IIT Kharagpur, Gupta immigrated to the United States to seek his higher education. He earned both a master’s in engineering and a master’s in business administration from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  He built his start-up in the ’70’s after arriving in the US with nothing more than $58 in his pocket. He grew a database business from his garage with 4,800 yellow pages books and turned it into a multi-million dollar, NASDAQ-listed corporation. “The first time I was compiling Yellow Pages.  I said I was creating a list.  I didn’t know at the time that I was an entrepreneur,” says Gupta.

His first created “sales list” sent 5,000 pages of Yellow Pages contact information via a WATTS line. He then decided to sell the list to others.  His first year in sales were $44,000 with a profit of over $22,000.  “I thought I was a millionaire,” says Gupta.  Over the years, Gupta grew the company from a stack of Yellow Pages in his garage, acquired 45 companies, and took the company public in 1993.

One might think time and great success would slow the irrepressible serial entrepreneur. At 67 years old, Gupta has done and seen it all, yet he remains a man in perpetual motion. “I’m one month older than my friend Bill Clinton,” says Gupta, who like the former President, continues to work and devote time and money to philanthropic activities. He is active in a number of charities, sits on the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC and endows a number of schools in his native India. He set up a business and law school at his alma mater—I.I.T. Kharagpur—by donating $8 million of his own money.

“Work keeps me happy.  My dad said never stopped working.  He’s 95 and is still working.  To me, work is a holiday compared to growing up in a village in India, with no running water, no toilet and working for $40 a month. Just like my friend Warren Buffet says, ‘I tap dance to work every day’,” concludes Gupta.

Bruce H. Rogers is the co-author of the recently published book Profitable Brilliance: How Professional Service Firms Become Thought Leaders now available on Amazon


Your Sales Force is Impotent without Sales Leads

Your Sales Force is Impotent without Sales Leads: Now Only $449/Year

San Mateo, CA (January 02, 2013) –, the leading provider of unlimited sales leads and mailing lists for only $49.95 per month, has just announced that salespeople can now take advantage of its service for only $449 per year.

By using the right leads, salespeople can start 2013 off on the right foot. offers an expansive database of over 300 million leads, including 15 million businesses, 225 million consumers, 100 million homeowners, 25,000 new businesses per week, dozens of specialty selections, and hundreds more databases. In just 18 months, its 10,000 subscribers have saved nearly $90 million with its unlimited model.

A subscription to for only $449 per year includes:

  •     Over 100 databases
  •     Higher data quality than our competitors
  •     Unlimited search, select, and view
  •     Unlimited print and download of sales leads
  •     Unlimited print and view of email addresses


What’s coming next for in 2013:


  •     150 million cell phone numbers
  •     Free contact manager
  •     See your prospects on a map
  •     Receive alerts on customers and prospects
  •     Expanded selections and criteria


“Light a fire underneath your sales force this year with sales leads. My former companies are household names among salespeople and small businesses, and now I am offering the same product at a much lower price,” says Vin Gupta.

To try Infofree, visit or call 877-448-0101 for more information.

About Us:™ is revolutionizing the sales lead and mailing list industry by providing unlimited search, view, and download of over 15 million business records, 225 million consumers, and hundreds of other specialty databases for the low, flat price of only $49.95 per month or $449 per year. Reach new homeowners, new movers, newlyweds, new businesses, and more!

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