*Please note: To send out a bulk email like a newsletter or an offer to a large quantity of addresses, you should never use a common SMTP server like the ones associated to free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc…). They are not structured to handle mass mailings. They have limits on outgoing mail and the number of recipients per email. Plus, you will surely have delivery problems, the vast majority of your messages will be simply filtered out by the ISPs and incoming servers.

Yes, using your email account you can send up to 250 emails per day from CRM101. You will need to enter your email account user information and the outgoing (SMTP) mail server name and port number to connect CRM101 with your email account by going to My Email and then Email Settings. If the email account type is exchange you should contact your help desk for the server and port information.

There is a Help Section for the most common free email providers if assistance is needed with finding user and server information.

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