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Accurate consumer lists are essential

When your business is looking for new customers, you need consumer lists that are accurate and will target those in need of your products. If you are sending out marketing materials, you want it to reach the right people – you do not want to waste your time or marketing budget sending direct mail to people who have no interest in your product.

Every business wants to find new prospects and turn them into loyal customers; however, your company will not be able to do that if it is using outdated or inaccurate data. If you are not seeing results from your marketing efforts, it may not be your advertising efforts that are the problem – it could be your consumer lists.

When you use a list that has not been updated or is of poor quality, you risk spending money to attract consumers who will never have a need for your product or service. Choose to use your marketing budget more wisely. Invest in better consumer lists from Infofree.

Infofree updates their consumer database every 30 days. Their database contains more than 240 million consumers. Users can search by geographical area, household income, and age or gender, among other criteria. Infofree also has a weekly hot sales list that includes the freshest information on new homeowners, new movers, and new parents. Do not make the mistake of letting your competition reach these prime leads before you do.

With these regularly updated, accurate lists, you will be better able to reach more prospects who are interested in what your business can provide. If you want to make the most of your marketing and reach the clients who will be best for your business, you will need the best consumer lists.

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Search more than 240 million consumers by any geographical criteria, household income, home value, length of residence, home ownership, age, gender, marital status, birth month, birth year, and presence of telephone records.

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