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Accurate business lists are essential for
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When your company is selling products or services to other corporations, having accurate business lists is critical. After all, you can not effectively market your products and spread the word about your company when you are sending information to the wrong addresses. To make business sales work for your company, you will need to have updated lists in order for your advertising to reach the right people.

With the growing number of small businesses throughout the country, business-to-business sales can be a great opportunity for many companies. There’s always an enterprise in need of a special product or service, and who better to provide it to them than your company?

The trick to effective business-to-business advertising is finding the right list of potential clients and making sure they see your marketing pieces and are aware of your brand. If you are using old or outdated data, you may find that your pieces are finding their way to the wrong companies, or even households that would have no need for your services. You can be sure your business list will be up-to-date and triple-verified with Infofree.

Infofree is the premier provider of direct mail lists, phone leads, and telemarketing lists. Users can search the main database of 14 million businesses or choose from hundreds of specialty databases like executives by title, & small business owners. Infofree also offers a database of hot sales leads that is updated weekly with the newest company listings and information.

Do not ship your marketing pieces to just anyone – send them to the right people. With Infofree’s accurate, continually updated business lists, you will get accurate data and can relax knowing your business-to-business marketing is getting to the companies that will bring you more business.

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Infofree has the most accurate business database. We are continuously updating through multiple channels to be the only triple-verified database among data compilers. Our database has the lowest disconnect rates and a quicker update process.

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