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Search our entire database of over 15 million U.S. businesses by any geographical criteria, type of business, SIC code, employee size, annual sales volume, or credit rating.

Infofree has the most accurate business database. We are continuously updating through multiple channels to bring you triple-verified data.

  95% Accuracy


Business Database




We collect data from many sources, including new business filings, email newsletter registrations, eBook registrations, webinar registrations, and more.


The Only Triple-Verified Business Database Ever Compiled!

Infofree offers the only triple-verified database among data compilers. Our database has the lowest disconnect rates and a quicker update process. We have 95% accuracy on over 15 million records.

With the use of Yellow Pages, Websites, & Telephone Verification we can offer the most accurate Business Database in the industry. Our quality is top notch.

Our data goes through a triple-verification process every month



Access a wealth of information about the businesses, including telephone number, website address, and contacts (where available).

You can even pick from our specialty business databases to narrow your search:

Business Databases

Business Executives

  • Technology Executives – 198,000
  • Marketing Executives – 296,000
  • HR Executives – 116,000
  • Operations Executives – 94,000
  • Business Executives – 10,379,000
  • C-Level Executives – 913,000
  • Business Owners – 3,287,000

Other Databases

Business Search




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