To Webinar Or Not To Webinar

Webinars to Suit Your Domain

Everyone in the marketing world knows about webinars; you might have hosted a few. But have you ever given a thought to the types and formats of a webinar that will really get your customers and prospects interested? To get the best out of your time, money and efforts, maybe you should address your audience on the following lines.

Sourcing for Audience

All efforts will fail if there is no reliable source of available leads. Your team is never sure where the next prospect is coming from and there are smiles when a visitor shows up and doom clouds hover when there is none. Here comes, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, and you can start reaching out to invite an audience for your free webinars.

Prospect Oriented

With a distilled list of prospects from, you are ready for webinars where your experts will address a common problem in your field and how your products/solutions are solving them, improving them as you listen to client feedback. Remember not to sound like a sales pitch talker. There will also be time for that later. Here just attract the attention, nurture the communication and listen for doubts and problems. As you go along, highlight the solutions, without sounding like pushing for a sale.

Product/Solution Demo

With your experts on your products, this kind of webinar helps generate interest and demonstrate that you have a solution to the problems facing your audience. Make sure to keep it short, informative and fine-tuned to your business specific audience.

Interactive Mode

The interactive mode can be added at the end of every webinar. But, you can also have specific ones where your experts interact with the audience. Taking their doubts and questions to provide answers and solutions. This kind of webinar, if held on a regular schedule, can also make you a leader in your business domain.

Workshop Style

On the lines of interacting with an audience but these are a more on-hands approach where the experts are kind of giving an informal training about the usage of your products and solutions. The aim is to show there are solutions to solve the problems of your audience. Along the way, there are explanations on how solutions are generated and doubts cleared about the usage.

Case Study

Once you have a list of customers who are actively pursuing communications with you; it is also worth having a case study webinar with real clients. The word of mouth from them is invaluable as they give a description of their problems and hiccups, then finding your products and getting a much-needed respite with those. This must not be attempted with a lot of clients at the same time as that will lead to a cacophony of contrasting views and opinions. Usually, more than two is not advisable anytime.

Innovative Approach

There can be many different approaches to host interesting and attention captivating webinars; you have to decide which ones work best for your business domain. Remember to avoid the herd mentality and get ahead by becoming a thought-provoking and solution generating leader.


Nurturing Your Prospects

What Nurturing Really Does To You Prospects

One of the most important words but least used in marketing strategies is: Nurturing. Whether it’s your clients or prospects, all need your nurturing for a successful business experience.


With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, your nurturing can start from there. You can also feed them into your free CRM tool that is provided and then working on each of them. It’s also best to focus on your area of operation. For example, if you are in real estate, then define your geographical area and learn as much as possible about your leads.

Highlighting Your Business

In your lead nurturing strategy, you should stress the products you are providing with respect to the problems faced by the leads. With such an approach, your team will help your prospects to realize they have a unique problem and your products can take care.

Personal Email Strategy

Email approach helps your team keep your business in the field vision of the prospect and there should be a regular (not too often and aggressive) email approach with newer information, including solutions, high-quality content explaining your products/solutions and blogs to educate. Call to action with irresistible offers of upgrades and other enhanced values also work wonders.

Customers Love to Connect

Remember your clients as humans; they always like to get involved in any ways to improve your products. A regular interaction with the clients and highlighting their opinions/feedbacks is essential to keep them engaged.

With strategic thinking, observe the way the process is developing; your team members will be able to define your more sophisticated strategies that evolve with time. This will prepare your clients to do business with you and stay with your solutions.


The Art of Funnel Management



The Art of Funnel Management

In tapping and converting prospects into final successful deals is time consuming, costly and requires patience. With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, you are set for outbound leads. You can go ahead and reach out to them through your defined marketing methods.

Also, your website, your webinars and other methods incorporated in your marketing schedule are sure yielding results for leads additionally. All these go into a concept called the funnel; through which your sales process filter these to the bottom.

Wide Top

On the top of the funnel, is the widest part to grab all and every lead that your team is accumulating and feed goes in without any filters. Your team must have Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in place on your website and other landing pages to grab visitor details and all those go into this wide top mouth.

First Sieve

Now your marketing team starts identifying prospects with even slight inclination; based on the interest shown, any call-to-action taken or queries posted. This step also gives you potential sales leads albeit in a broader sense.

CRM Play

Although you can use the CRM tool,available FREE with anytime in the sales process, to streamline and manage your funnel in an optimized way, this is the best stage to feed the potential sales leads into the CRM. The use provides your team to keep an eye on the successful growth of the prospects into clients.

Personal Touches

With your potential prospects lined up, your team must move beyond any automation. Make a personal reach-out with experts to clear any doubts. Therefore, depending on the prospects’ frequency of visits to the sites, your team can identify those as high potential opportunities.

Final Pitch

Starting from the raw data on top, the team is ready for the final pitches; the strongest leads turn into the successful sales.

Business Specific

When putting leads and prospects on top, be business specific. Therefore, you can also weed out as soon as you can identify any artificial inputs like spam.

Smart Thinking-Smart Choice

Instead of hoarding along all, your experts can make smart choices and define the ongoing process to benefit the most from your time and money input.

Whatever your business area is, practiced patience, optimized expertise and concentrated approach along the funnel path with your unflinching efforts and unsullied faith, will yield a good Return on Investment (ROI).


The Myths of Lead Generation

Myth Busters

Your team has been working hard on lead generation and converting prospects to clients. But along the way, the grapevine is ripe with wise phrases which have found to be untrue. Our experts at are also providing a short list of prominent among them:

Lead Generation Can’t be Tracked

Remember that tracking lead generation is like keeping an inventory of your business. There are also many methods to track from the first contact to the final sale. There are different factors which suit various business. Depending on your sector, your team can appropriately choose the optimized analytics or suitable metrics tracking.

Qualifying Leads Don’t Matter

Quality is always a step ahead of quantity and this is specifically true if your business is working in B2C but also in a highly competitive B2B sector. Depending on your business, your marketing team can optimize the qualifying factors for the process of lead generation and benefit from quality attention.

Quality Landing Pages are a Waster of Time

Great landing pages take a business to greater heights of success and are an essential part of any successful marketing strategy in most of the businesses. Your team can also decide on the necessary number of landing pages, appropriate for your business. The quality offered on those and usage of available Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to grab details of visitors is a must.

Social Media No More Effective in Lead Generation

Social media platforms have been a valuable marketing tool for customer interaction and raising your brand awareness. The factor that is important to focus is that different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other ones, need specific ways to post an update to get best results. Just dumping on social media platforms will not provide a successful return.

Webinars are a Waste of Time for Lead Generation

This sentence is farthest from the truth as with modern highly aware and Internet-savvy audience. The webinars go a long way in a fruitful interaction with your customers and prospects. A well-planned webinar schedule with experts in attendance to answer any questions on the particular subjects yields successful results over a period of time.

Loads of Own Success Stories Needed

It’s always one story that clicks with a prospect; hence the focus will be on quantity but on quality. Your business also offers solutions and if you have a testimonial from a real customer you are all set for success.

There is umpteen number of myths your marketing team will come across. But a determined focussed optimized marketing strategy will definitely guide them along the road to success.


Pathway to Success for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Much has been written about the sure-success marketing strategies but usually, all of those grey pages assume a robust marketing team and resources at the disposal of the entrepreneur. It is a fact that many small business owners do multitasking from handling sales themselves to many other functions. The money factor doesn’t give them the luxury to employ different specialists to do different tasks.

There are certain strategies which can guide the small entrepreneur to not only handle most of the functions but also work towards building a successful business.

Business Time and Space

Most entrepreneurs might look at a time planner for the day, week, month but another aspect, space,  should be taken care of also. Space on the official table, around the working area and in general plays a vital role. Have a well-organized space to save time. For example, specific boards around to pin appointments/call and other reminders help.

Reaching Out

Customers are out there for your product and there are people searching on Google or elsewhere for solutions which you can offer. You need to reach out. Using data from you can make it a habit to do cold calling three times a day. Without putting pressure on your mental faculties, you can just reach out and let the results take care.

Incoming Traffic

Your website can do wonders for your business to attract prospects. Use your website to showcase your product. Your website is like the welcoming window to the world of your business. Focus on substance more than style. Without a good expert outlining of your products, you might get a lot of window-shoppers but not many paying clients.

Limited Offers

For small businesses, offers and enticements to engage are a big help. Most of the people looking for a product for their problem are attracted to an offer where there is some tasting of your offered products. Depending on your sector and products, you can decide what is the best way to move forward in this direction. Remember that your offers don’t have to be costly, but it must be valuable. That means that it doesn’t have to cost you much more than it does to produce your product than to give it away.

Expertise Showcasing

The most successful way forward towards success for your small business is letting the world know about your expertise. Your expertise and knowledge are valuable to people who are searching for answers. What looks like common knowledge to you is uncommon to most people. The moment a person gets a helping answer, you have made a loyal client. A chain reaction to boost your business thus starts, without you noticing it.