Database Marketing – What 2018 Taught Us

Summing It All Up

2018 soon will be a year that was and in the last days, as it tiptoes out, our experts spent time and effort to sum it all up for your marketing team.

Myth Busters

One of the most important topics addressed when in lead generation marketing strategies. We didn’t list an exhaustive list but important to keep in mind are: Lead Generation Can’t be Tracked; Qualifying Leads Don’t Matter; Quality Landing Pages are a Waster of Time; Social Media No More Effective in Lead Generation; Webinars are a Waste of Time for Lead Generation; Loads of Own Success Stories Needed.

Social Media

While dealing with social media strategies, we did stress on different approaches for various platforms but the underlying factors of the strategy were: Encouraging feedback and comments; listening to complaints – if any and taking remedial measures in the shortest possible time; geographical targeting; demographical fishing for enhanced reach; using small budget ads where possible and gated content from experts to make your brand as the leader of the pack.

Real World

In the real world, in addition to the age-old methods of emails, cold calling and such, some unorthodox methods were highlighted. The experts have also recommended using solution highlighted languages – in all dealings – at all stages; planning and delivering with optimized solutions; never giving up easily and changing the strategy midway; making sure to reach back in the least possible time to prospects’ asking for a clarification or just more information.

Virtual Domain

In the virtual world, there are simple but also proven approaches to rise above the clutter of competition. A highly professional home page, different landing pages for popup offers or Call To Action (CTA) options; webinars and follow-up with raised questions and queries; expert commentaries on subjects of concern in your business domain; running quizzes, contests, and engagements – were just some of the pointers to note.

Trusted Funnel

Your team should keep an updated funnel by using free CRM tool and the emails from the lists provided by, where the business database has 95% accuracy and consumer database approximately 90% accuracy. Thus your funnel will stay healthy and focussed.

Strategy Inventory

Finally, a very important task this week is to take a thorough inventory of your toolbox and check which ones worked and which need replacement in the coming year (next week onwards). Some of your strategies haven’t yielded desired results so make a note of it and let your experts decide if those need deletion or fine-tuning. Overall, be assured that 2018 is over and you can learn and move ahead.


‘Tis The Season For New Customers

Infofree customers

Jingle Bells For Customers

 Yes, this is that time of the year where your team should be the Santa Clause for your prospects, customers and business associates.

Tradition The Icing

During this festive season, your targeted audience is binding with the traditions of family and also friends. If your team can find ways to be a part of that you’re a winner. Local businesses or geographical boundaries associated with your business can define what you are looking for in the virtual and real world to reach out.

Gift Wrapping Offers

You can repackage your offers as special gifts for your customers. Simple gifts matter. For example, a stationary shop owner decided to give kids some color pencils and became a darling for the customers for the coming year as kids loved and goaded their parents to revisit the shop for their requirements. 

Identifying And Adopting

Your team will also come out on top if you identify the different festivities in your domain. Remember there are major and minor micro-societies in any targeted business area. It will pay to understand the various traditions. Most of the time it comes as a surprise to minorities when wished or greeted on their festive occasion. Thus forming a bond with a smile.


Personalize & Be Present

One of the most ignored aspects of lead generation is personalization on an emotional front. For many of your prospects, there is a hidden emotional part like being alone or also having suffered a loss. The causes can be any but the solution is the same. An understanding outreach from your team gets you a client from a prospect. 

CRM Usage A Must

The free tool CRM provided with your subscription is a sure way to not let any prospect left behind as you move on. Also, the CRM will definitely play a major role as you move forward and utilize optimized details from lists, provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy.

Max-Out Marketing in December


Maximum Use of This Festive Marketing Month

2018 is at the exit-month: December and time to give all the year-long content a new lease of life so your marketing strategy can cap it all in these four weeks.

Working Ideas

Your best marketing ideas need an injection of fresh impetus so those can cap it all with flying colors in December. A closer look will show where your experts can improve the presentations on different platforms without changing the basics.

Social Media 

Most of the new strategy changes that work best – usually will be on social media platforms. A discerning eye will show which social media approach needs a change of clothes. For example how you can make your Facebook page more attractive or engage in conversations on Twitter or post business related pictures on Pinterest. 

Colorful Festive 

December is the month of festivities and color is in the air. Depending on your business sector – go ahead and add color to your presentations. This is the last opportunity of 2018 so indulge but with caution.

Musical Vibes

Music appropriate for your business can bring attention to your products and solutions. Appealing music plays an excellent catalyst role to bring prospects. Sometimes a tune stays in the head and keeps prospects bringing back to you.

Caution Call

In both the above approaches of color and music, the appropriate quality and quantity need optimization with an expert overlooking the implementation otherwise the results can be disastrous. As retailers go for appropriate colors and musical tunes to attract attention, your online team can generate short, concise and soothing colors and tunes to highlight your offers on your websites and other online presence.

Thank You 

Nothing will bring a more genuine feeling of appreciation in your customers, prospects and business associates than a short, concise and personalized in some way – a note Thanking them for being associated with your entrepreneurial spirit. If you are a retails business outlet or have a physical office, then do not forget to thank the cleaners, delivery people and mailmen/mailwomen, just to name a few. Your business will be helped by those invisible hands more than you can perceive in real time.

The Myths of Lead Generation

Myth Busters

Your team has been working hard on lead generation and converting prospects to clients. But along the way, the grapevine is ripe with wise phrases which have found to be untrue. Our experts at are also providing a short list of prominent among them:

Lead Generation Can’t be Tracked

Remember that tracking lead generation is like keeping an inventory of your business. There are also many methods to track from the first contact to the final sale. There are different factors which suit various business. Depending on your sector, your team can appropriately choose the optimized analytics or suitable metrics tracking.

Qualifying Leads Don’t Matter

Quality is always a step ahead of quantity and this is specifically true if your business is working in B2C but also in a highly competitive B2B sector. Depending on your business, your marketing team can optimize the qualifying factors for the process of lead generation and benefit from quality attention.

Quality Landing Pages are a Waster of Time

Great landing pages take a business to greater heights of success and are an essential part of any successful marketing strategy in most of the businesses. Your team can also decide on the necessary number of landing pages, appropriate for your business. The quality offered on those and usage of available Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to grab details of visitors is a must.

Social Media No More Effective in Lead Generation

Social media platforms have been a valuable marketing tool for customer interaction and raising your brand awareness. The factor that is important to focus is that different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other ones, need specific ways to post an update to get best results. Just dumping on social media platforms will not provide a successful return.

Webinars are a Waste of Time for Lead Generation

This sentence is farthest from the truth as with modern highly aware and Internet-savvy audience. The webinars go a long way in a fruitful interaction with your customers and prospects. A well-planned webinar schedule with experts in attendance to answer any questions on the particular subjects yields successful results over a period of time.

Loads of Own Success Stories Needed

It’s always one story that clicks with a prospect; hence the focus will be on quantity but on quality. Your business also offers solutions and if you have a testimonial from a real customer you are all set for success.

There is umpteen number of myths your marketing team will come across. But a determined focussed optimized marketing strategy will definitely guide them along the road to success.


Consistency and Raising Business Awareness

As time goes on, there is a constant clamor for change in business marketing strategies. The pundits are declaring that consumer habits are constantly changing and hence marketers must change the way they market. We agree that the marketing strategies must change to match the way people are actually shopping. We are going to list those methods which need consistency to get results.

Reaching Out

With the business marketing databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, the immediate effective way is to reach out. Do this with a multi-pronged process of short but effective emails and courteous calls focusing on your product. In addition to using email to reach out, your team should utilize it as a follow-up tool to stay in touch with prospects and customers. 

Social Media

Social media is highly rated in marketing strategies but one point which is often overlooked is – consistency. A regular and consistent posting timeframe will improve your visibility and drive up your metrics on different platforms. Both your own original and shared quality contents are essential to continue the consistent presence there.

Quality Business Blog

Blogging with expertise and looking to provide answers to problems or issues arising in your sector on a regular basis, will keep visitor flow steady to your website. Expert commentary builds your brand as the credibility of your product builds. Without hesitation, your experts should be available to address issues on a priority basis. 
Last but not the least, please feel free to reach out to the expert team at for clearing any hurdles you face along the path to success. 877.448.0101 We are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST

Pathway to Success for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Much has been written about the sure-success marketing strategies but usually, all of those grey pages assume a robust marketing team and resources at the disposal of the entrepreneur. It is a fact that many small business owners do multitasking from handling sales themselves to many other functions. The money factor doesn’t give them the luxury to employ different specialists to do different tasks.

There are certain strategies which can guide the small entrepreneur to not only handle most of the functions but also work towards building a successful business.

Business Time and Space

Most entrepreneurs might look at a time planner for the day, week, month but another aspect, space,  should be taken care of also. Space on the official table, around the working area and in general plays a vital role. Have a well-organized space to save time. For example, specific boards around to pin appointments/call and other reminders help.

Reaching Out

Customers are out there for your product and there are people searching on Google or elsewhere for solutions which you can offer. You need to reach out. Using data from you can make it a habit to do cold calling three times a day. Without putting pressure on your mental faculties, you can just reach out and let the results take care.

Incoming Traffic

Your website can do wonders for your business to attract prospects. Use your website to showcase your product. Your website is like the welcoming window to the world of your business. Focus on substance more than style. Without a good expert outlining of your products, you might get a lot of window-shoppers but not many paying clients.

Limited Offers

For small businesses, offers and enticements to engage are a big help. Most of the people looking for a product for their problem are attracted to an offer where there is some tasting of your offered products. Depending on your sector and products, you can decide what is the best way to move forward in this direction. Remember that your offers don’t have to be costly, but it must be valuable. That means that it doesn’t have to cost you much more than it does to produce your product than to give it away.

Expertise Showcasing

The most successful way forward towards success for your small business is letting the world know about your expertise. Your expertise and knowledge are valuable to people who are searching for answers. What looks like common knowledge to you is uncommon to most people. The moment a person gets a helping answer, you have made a loyal client. A chain reaction to boost your business thus starts, without you noticing it.


Lead Generation Using Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Usage

In the fast-paced modern era of marketing strategies, there is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) and lead generation. Your marketing team is also focusing on it but understanding the basics is most important.

The AI solutions not only help extract insightful details out of your databases but also identify new prospects. The CRM tool, freely available with is an asset in managing the latter process while it’s time-tested databases apply to the former.

From Database

There are a select few AI solutions now available in the market to identify and extract details from your database. Some of the AI can decipher the connections between different leads and thus project prospects to pursue. These AI systems also get better at handling your big data as the process unfolds.

From Online

All your emails and other activities online from your different departments are also potential sources of lead generation. Most of the time your marketing team can miss the changing jobs, updated signatures, and allied information. An optimum AI solution can track those changes and yield results from in-office/out of office replies. And also track email signatures for updates.

Turning Prospects into Clients

In a very subtle way, the AI solutions can monitor the number of visits to your website. Also, the time spent there, the content read and other allied activities. These observations optimize your data and provide your sales team with an easy list of prospective clients. Over a period of time, AI is emerging as better equipped than humans in taking less time with more efficiency to deliver these results.


AI Bots on Website

Using a 24X7 AI solution to engage and enhance the interest of visitors is a must. Compared to cold calling or emailing, the initiative is from the prospect and your AI solution will guide you to take advantage of that in a positive way. Human engagement is essential especially once a conversation with a prospect has started.

Helping Hand of AI

Entrepreneurs understand the value of a customer. The AI solutions prove to engage customers looking for a solution. An immediate response will satisfy the customer.

Identifying Contact Channels

The AI solutions also make it possible for your sales team to identify the preferred channels of communication with individual prospects. Use the preferred channels immediately as it plays a major positive role in the communication and increases the chances of lead conversion.


CRM Usage

There is a psychological advantage your team gets when armed with all these facts about the prospects. The Free CRM tool helps in keeping records, track progress and makes sure no prospect is left behind.

For any roadblocks or problems your sales team might encounter using CRM, there is a dedicated team of experts at and always ready to provide guidance.


Major Guidelines for Maximizing ROI on Entrepreneurial Journey

lead generation

You, the entrepreneur have put your heart and soul into making your dream project come true. Now, with the business running, your aim is to maximize your ROI and here are the guidelines you need:

Define ROI Destination

To avoid a wild goose chase, you need to define goals which, in turn, will yield real-time profits and satisfaction. Depending on your business sector/industry, you can pragmatically define your goals and start your journey. Also, keep them flexible for adjustments as you move forward.

Realistic Strengths

Your team can do an internal appraisal to list the strengths and where you need to watch for pitfalls. These notes are valuable for your journey and must be updated periodically as you move forward.

Stepping Stone

With a proven track record of the best and most accurate in the industry, provide the first solid stepping stone on the way to success. With business databases having 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate, you are already cutting on the cost and time of lead generation.

Inroad Traffic

With the usage of these leads, you must be also prepared what happens when the prospects look you up before returning your call or contemplating a deal process with you. Your landing pages must generate a welcoming feel, a subtle trust factor, and authority in the industry.

Fine Tuning Responses

Once the engagement starts, usually with AI enabled solutions on your landing pages, the team members should be prompt to pick up the prospect to move towards a deal closure. Some prospects are in a hurry while some are detail-oriented, so make sure your team members deal with them accordingly.

CRM Usage

A free tool CRM is picking up in usage in recent times and is an excellent way to keep track of your leads. A repeat approach after giving a break time is essential to bring back slow moving leads. Also, the CRM keeps track of your team’s activities over a period of time.


Overall, many a promising prospect is lost because of falling through the cracks and some are annoyed by over-reaching marketing enthusiasts. Choosing an optimized method to move forward with will dramatically increase your ROI.


Nurturing Customers for Business Stability



It’s common knowledge that businesses who neglect existing customers are the businesses that disappear fast. For a business to be profitable there needs to always be an interdependent and mutually-compensating effort of nurturing the current customers as well as focusing on future lead generation. Doing so will produce the best results in ROI (return on investment.)

Seek Out Opportunity

Lead generation primarily does yield more opportunities, which can essentially equal profits. However, assuming that the number of leads generated is equal to the number of potential sales will lead to a grave miscalculation. And a potentially huge loss of profits.


Providing updates to your product or solution and offering newer, vamped-up versions of the products is another great way to build loyalty and keep it from current business contacts and customers. Throwing in a deal for upgrading is another way to increase loyalty, but be sure to mention that the deal is because of their loyalty and for being a long-time customer.


Nurturing also involves keeping efforts alive on slow-moving leads. Someone may not be ready to commit to your product today but that doesn’t mean they won’t be ready later. Always be connecting with slow-moving leads. Answer their questions about your product with patience and allow the customer to feel a direct connection to your company. Doing so will provoke emotion in the customers leading to a higher chance they’ll return and turn into a sale.

Utilizing Lead-Gen Services provides a free CRM101 service, which has been praised by our loyal customers as an essential part of their marketing strategy. As they move forward in their lead generation, storing live contacts in CRM101 service gives them a much-needed backup. As they advance on the path to profit-making preferences in their strategies.

Both B2B and B2C benefit from strengthening their lead nurturing process with sharply honed marketing skills. You’ll see an increase in new and returning customers if your process includes unflinching, dedicated efforts to attract new prospects.


Every Small Business Can Win the Kentucky Derby

Three business tips small business owners can take away from this weekend’s Kentucky Derby.

Just like the Kentucky Derby, entrepreneurship and capitalism have a long history steeped in tradition. With the Kentucky Derby coming up this week, it got thinking, “what can be learned from ‘the most exciting two minutes in sports’?”

Here are three business tips that entrepreneurs can take away from watching the Kentucky Derby.

1. Make sure you wear your blinders – sometimes.

Horse BlindersBecause horses’ eyes are on the sides of their heads, they have great peripheral vision. However, when it comes to race horses, that can be a detriment and cause them to get off course. So, the trainers help their horses succeed by putting blinders on them. Blinders force them to look straight ahead. But even with their blinders on, these horses can still make left and right turns.

Keep your blinders on when it comes to unnecessary outside noise. Skeptical relatives, the pressure competitors will put on you, and your own self-doubt can distract you from reaching the finish line. But on the same note, don’t get into a rut because your blinders are too tight. Always be thinking of ways to expand your business in different directions. Remember why you started your small business and grow that passion, as well as your sales.

2. Wear a bold hat.

You already know that you have to have a certain amount of flair to be an entrepreneur. A big personality tends to go along with big ideas. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a big hat like the women who attend the Kentucky Derby. It simply means to be bold about sharing who you are, what you do, and what your business’s solution is.

Kentucky Derby Hat

This tip does end up being a little bit two-fold. At the Kentucky Derby, “Millionaire’s Row” refers to the box seats where the richest, most notable people sit and connect with one another. It’s a very glamorous kind of networking. Sharing your idea with the right person might inspire an investor to bet on your business.

3. Don’t let your competition beat you out of the gate.

At the Kentucky Derby, you want your horse to be quick coming out of the gate. Another horse coming out of the gate quicker could spell disaster for your bet’s odds. It’s a lot the same with small business. You aren’t just competing locally, you are competing with the big corporations, too. But Kentucky Derby Gatehere is the good news. You’re a small business, which makes you more adaptable.

If you are in an industry where you do have to compete with the big corporations, set yourself apart somehow. No, you don’t have to undercut their price and jeopardize your business’s profitability. This can be as simple as providing the best customer service possible – which is free, until you are doing so much business that you have to hire someone to help. So put on a smile, build strong relationships with your loyal customers and handle complaints quickly.

What are some other similarities you see between your small business and the Kentucky Derby? What other tips can you implement to make yourself the winner of “The Run for the Roses?”