Year-End Prospecting Goals For 2018

Prospects & Gratitude Summation for 2018


All of 2018 your team has been making efforts to post and engage with prospects. Now is the time to remember to engage with those who reacted to your postings. Before the Christmas festivities and wishing take over, its time for action with a short, concise and genuine gratitude filled thank you note. Do not send Christmas wishes or New Year greetings yet. There will be time ahead for those.


On Facebook, a look at the activities on your page gives you a rough idea of who liked or shared or commented on your page hence they go on your list to send a personalized note. For all those who visited but never left a like or comment behind, there should be a posting of the thank you note on all your postings. Remember even those postings, with no likes or comments, were also visited and noted.


On Twitter, it’s simpler to see the ones who liked your tweet or retweeted. Also as a business entity, make sure to thank all your followers with a thank you note for following you and wishing them well in their endeavors. 


Here the prospects who like, comment or sometimes share your post, get a nod of appreciation. A word of thanks can be posted specifically mentioning them. A personalized message will pop up in their inboxes so keep those short and crisp.

Network Platforms

On most of the other social media and network platforms, your team has to make sure that they take the time to thank those who have shared your articles/webinars/videos with their network. Make sure that your team makes a public display of the thank you effort instead of just doing it in a private message.

Humanize Brand

With a public display of your gratitude sentiments, you are humanizing your brand with a long-lasting impact. Your genuine message when filled with kind words will not be lost with your prospects. Thus generating a mental awareness of your brand. 

Personalize Receivers

There are many options to personalize your approach. Simple is to use the name of a person, place or product to whom you are addressing your note. Behind every business, there is a human face. Your team must thank that human identity in a personalized approach to get the best results. A sure-success way is to optimize details from lists, provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy.

Expert Marketing – Desired Results

                                                                                                       expertise matters

 Expertise Matters, Develop Credibility

The business climate in most of the sectors is getting increasingly marketing-savvy. And the prospects are getting smarter, thus making it harder and harder to impress prospective clients. Our experts at listed some of the ways to sharpen your marketing skills for success:

Expertise Hub

All the marketers in your business sector are aiming to grab the attention of the prospects. If you can, develop your webpage or even an FAQ landing page into an expertise hub. You will be way ahead of any competition. Your experts can showcase their expertise there and develop it into an “experts available for answers to queries” also.


With your experts developing an expertise hub, the quality and timing of answers will establish your credibility in the market. An established credibility ensures an established audience that not only feeds into your funnel of prospects but also promotes your products and solutions with word of mouth and more.

Action Content

Content is one of the most essential parts of any marketing strategy but the content that is based on data and provides pragmatic insight gets more attention. Nowadays the audience loves to find actionable “how-to” information for different problems. If your business domain has such venues to explore, you can benefit a lot.

Innovative Videos

You can also generate videos which address the queries and generic problems in your business sector and troubleshooting with your solutions. Your team will also be surprised to see booming engagements and sharing of those by the audience if you make them easily shareable. Remember to keep them short, relevant and interesting.

Explore Communities

Along with building your brand and expertise, you should also look for which sites your targeted audience is frequenting. Through feedback and research, you can also identify business publications or special editions of magazines, influencers in the communities and professional chat rooms for troubleshooting. Getting an audience engaged there, will be one of the most effective ways of reaching a wide spectrum of prospects.

Use Lists

Last but not the least, your team can use the lists provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, to use the aforementioned techniques for the best ROI (Return on Investment).


Advertisement Strategy Blitz

Your Advertisement Strategy

With ten months gone by, you’re looking at how to make the best use of your entrepreneurial energy. In this world of advertisement strategy blitz, it’s best to optimize and use your budget pragmatically. You have a pretty good sense of what to do or where to find your prospects. The following pointers from experts can lead to you optimizing your advertisement strategy.

Pinterest Pins

One of the least used to make profits is a social media outlet Pinterest. Your marketing team can start posting pins on the platform and explore Pinterest’s demographic and varied audience. Pinterest ads help people understand what your brand stands for and how it can fit into their business needs. Remember to link promoted pins to blog posts and other content that contain strong opt-in opportunities and Call-To-Action offers.

LinkedIn Leads

LinkedIn, the professional social media platform is a must during this holiday season. If you are in such a business sector, you can run an ad to a LinkedIn landing page offering a course to help improve a professional skill. On the other hand, even if you are just a business offering products, your expert commentary with an ad offer on subjects pertinent to your sector will be read and enhance your brand name and status as an expert.

Facebook Factor

Everyone in every business is on Facebook with a business page. But how you reach out to the right audience is the way to profits. Investing in custom ads to make sure Facebook brings the right audience to you, is a good start. Remember that anyone who reaches your business page on Facebook is a strong prospect. There your team can provide an irresistible opt-in and/or Call-To-Action (CTA) to connect with visiting prospects.

Quora Questions

Quora, a unique social media platform for asking and answering questions, also allows ads. It allows you to create original ads, specific to your business sector. Thus, your marketing team targets users by interest, geography, and other factors. Also, Quora ads show up under the main question as it is a Q-A platform. Your experts will do well for your enterprise if they answer relevant questions raised in your field of expertise thus putting you as a trusted expert in the sector. Another factor in favor is that you can use your smallest budget for these ads as these are only available on an auction basis, meaning you have to specify a bid value thus very low budgets also benefit.

Tweaking Tweets

With Twitter offering simple promotional ads, a small budget on this fast moving social media platform is a good idea. Depending on your budget, you can use ads on Twitter to promote your punchline tweets about your product and solutions, your scheduled webinars and your expertise laden content in blogs.

Billboard Buzz

Using billboards or large signs at busy intersections to pull leads is not the domain of big businesses. During holiday season people do travel especially by roads so signs near a nowhere land catch more eyes of the passing traffic than in a crowded junction in the city. Depending on your business sector, this is one option worth exploring for your advertisement strategy. In the billboard strategy, remember to prominently display contact information and keep the colors in such a way that readability is excellent.

Right Referrals

People love to refer friends, relatives, and business associates if there is an offer which promises something of value in return. The chances of a person connecting through a friendly referral are higher than an unknown offer coming their way. Your team can design ads and post them on your storefront, on your websites and your special landing pages to give your loyal customers and others an opportunity to not only get a surprise holiday gift from you but also to push your cause further.


One Small Step For Your Landing Page

Your marketing team is striving to generate high-quality leads and has worked on excellent content of your lead generating strategy. Now to remember landing page is an essential factor to provide a successful outcome.

Using lists provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, your team is ready to take control of the strategy.

Before your team starts welcoming visitors, check your landing page for the call to action (CTA) offers you provide. Stressing the importance of the landing page in the marketing strategy, our experts have made a list of guidelines for your team to follow:

Forms Short and Concise

It is a fact that without optimized, short and concise forms, there will not be any lead generation. The forms should be clearly worded and must have some essentials like a headline for the offer. Your “submit the form button” also can be turned towards your offer like “Free Trial.” Short and concise information seeking forms are definitely filled more often. Provide security aspect of the submission so the visitor is assured of data privacy and security. Make sure the data you are asking is essential to further your equation with the prospect and its relevance to your business field.

Easy Navigation

Undivided attention from the visitor on your landing page requires no other offers to distract them. As much as you want to attract the visitor to some more links or offer to visit your other pages, the bottom line is: there should be no navigational distractions from your landing page.

Consistent Transparency

From the very start to the end, you must maintain complete transparency and consistency in your language and offers. Make sure that nowhere there should be words like Free and then at a later stage, an amount of money – however small – is asked for. Similarly, a download if offered, must not stop – asking for more information or money.

Enhance Value Points

Use bullet points to enhance the value of your offer and how your products are aimed at your visitors. Make the visitor feel that they are getting much more than they bargained for while signing up on your forms.

Social Media Platforms

Your landing page must have social media links. Usually in the form of buttons so that they can be clicked and the visitors can share. Place the buttons at the end/bottom of the page and an email link.

Attractive Layout

Overall, the landing page should have an aesthetically appealing layout and shouldn’t be risky looking. Also, combine the fonts, content language, and pictures to give a welcoming appearance to the landing page. Smart short headlines and clear-cut defined offers are a must.

Multiple Landings

There is no harm in having multiple landing pages with various offers. Depending on the type of business field; display the same offers on different landing pages, to increase traffic. Remember to keep all landing pages independent and free from connectivity among them.


Marketing – Friend or Foe?





Your marketing team is all set for the Fall Strategy to raise your ROI and to start the ball rolling. Once your team logs into your accounts to get reliable leads provided by; there is more to than just sending an email.

Instead of just waiting for a response, there are some trusted win-win tactics which will provide you with a definite lead. Our experts have distilled the best available offers to provide with your approach. With your knocking on the door – email, you can send them:

Webinar Summaries

A link to your webinar transcripts or audio recordings or anything from the hosted webinars of value can trigger a prospect to look into it. If your content catches the attention of the prospect, you can be assured of a reply and take it further from there.

Burning Issues

With your experts having a fair idea about the burning issues facing the audience in your sector, it’s easy to provide a simple but reliable downloadable guide or Q&A kind of pdf documents to address those topics. The audience out there is full of questions and if you can satisfyingly answer even one such doubt, the prospect is definitely going to reach you for further answers.

Tempting Teasers

Anyone will love to see an overview or a simple intro or just a condensed chapter of an e-book, which is relevant to the sector you are representing. Depending on your business area, you can choose to dangle the carrot to get immediate attention. For example in real-estate, you can offer a study of the area or a free consultation for their budget and how best to look for the most appropriate property for the prospect.

Free Sample/Coupons

Many businesses can take advantage of providing a free sample of solutions or just mailing a free coupon. That can be tracked when cashed and that is the point to get more information. In addition to noting what is the interesting point of the prospect.

Futuristic Approach

If you have an upcoming product launch or an upgrade, take advantage of that by giving a discount offer in exchange for a sign-up. In some cases, this can bring a spike in attendance. In engagement also and in converting prospects to loyal clients.

Page Visit Options

Last but not the least, your team can make sure to offer some sort of incentive. Something appropriate to your business sector. This will make sure the prospect will visit your homepage for a particular solution.

Your team must remember that the prospect may not be ready to purchase your products. You should reach out to nudge them toward a decision or at least keep them engaged.


What About Cold Calling?

Most marketing strategy gurus agree that not all lead generation ideas work for every kind of business, but lead generation pundits still vouch for cold calling which has worked over the years for most of the business sectors. Your team can put their energy into fine-tuning cold calling process rather than feeling frustrated with their dry “cold” scripted calls and searching for customers here and there. Here are some of the guidelines to make your phones work wonders for your business:

Prospect List Ready

You can use, where the business databases have 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy. To make a reliable list optimize it for your particular business sector.

Basic Research

Your callers are advised to do the necessary research and find the name of the person/persons they need to talk to and make sure they have all the talking points, which they will like to raise. Your team will do best if they get a working knowledge of each prospect and the company. In your business domain, you can find the issues, most entities are facing and how your products/solutions can step in to help.

Cold Calling and Smiling

Every call must start with a smile which needs to be sustained throughout the call and that will make sure you go all the way to the bank smiling later. When you are able to make your prospect smile and join a conversation, you have won half the battle. Something magnetic happens when genuinely happy smiling persons call and there is a connect.

Respect Each

If you are looking for a CEO or a VP or any higher official in a business, never make the mistake of not respecting an assistant. Listening with respect to everyone is a must. You never know who, when and where is going to be your guide or your deal maker. Always best is to get the person identified with whom you are speaking to make sure, you are talking with the relevant person.

Look for Next Phase

Some businesses look forward to getting an appointment; because once you have an appointment, then you start the real sales process in such sectors. Depending on your particular business specifics, you must look for the next phase like another call or a demo appointment or an expert to speak to. This is a very business specific factor so your experts must define it and then follow up.

No Call Irrelevant

Remember no call is irrelevant whether its the first one or a nearing the deal. Any call can make or break a deal. Sometimes a nearly dead lead comes alive while a sure deal can go wrong – depending on how a call is being dealt. So your phone handlers must take care of every call as the most important one.


Today’s well-informed prospects do not like attention demanding so if you can earn their attention without pushing for a sale or offering your products/solutions, you are on fertile fields. Most of the business marketing leaders know how to define problems in their domain and discuss those.

Follow Up

A follow up when agreed, must be pursued at the terms of the prospects. Your team must immediately note the details and lock in relevant details for followup. Any slip-up or sloppy answers can cost you the deal.


Keep the aforementioned points in focus and using your phones for building lead generation into your routine; your team can see differences happening. Done in such an optimized way, your efforts will generate an excellent ROI, both with respect to time and cost.


To Webinar Or Not To Webinar

Webinars to Suit Your Domain

Everyone in the marketing world knows about webinars; you might have hosted a few. But have you ever given a thought to the types and formats of a webinar that will really get your customers and prospects interested? To get the best out of your time, money and efforts, maybe you should address your audience on the following lines.

Sourcing for Audience

All efforts will fail if there is no reliable source of available leads. Your team is never sure where the next prospect is coming from and there are smiles when a visitor shows up and doom clouds hover when there is none. Here comes, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, and you can start reaching out to invite an audience for your free webinars.

Prospect Oriented

With a distilled list of prospects from, you are ready for webinars where your experts will address a common problem in your field and how your products/solutions are solving them, improving them as you listen to client feedback. Remember not to sound like a sales pitch talker. There will also be time for that later. Here just attract the attention, nurture the communication and listen for doubts and problems. As you go along, highlight the solutions, without sounding like pushing for a sale.

Product/Solution Demo

With your experts on your products, this kind of webinar helps generate interest and demonstrate that you have a solution to the problems facing your audience. Make sure to keep it short, informative and fine-tuned to your business specific audience.

Interactive Mode

The interactive mode can be added at the end of every webinar. But, you can also have specific ones where your experts interact with the audience. Taking their doubts and questions to provide answers and solutions. This kind of webinar, if held on a regular schedule, can also make you a leader in your business domain.

Workshop Style

On the lines of interacting with an audience but these are a more on-hands approach where the experts are kind of giving an informal training about the usage of your products and solutions. The aim is to show there are solutions to solve the problems of your audience. Along the way, there are explanations on how solutions are generated and doubts cleared about the usage.

Case Study

Once you have a list of customers who are actively pursuing communications with you; it is also worth having a case study webinar with real clients. The word of mouth from them is invaluable as they give a description of their problems and hiccups, then finding your products and getting a much-needed respite with those. This must not be attempted with a lot of clients at the same time as that will lead to a cacophony of contrasting views and opinions. Usually, more than two is not advisable anytime.

Innovative Approach

There can be many different approaches to host interesting and attention captivating webinars; you have to decide which ones work best for your business domain. Remember to avoid the herd mentality and get ahead by becoming a thought-provoking and solution generating leader.


The Art of Funnel Management



The Art of Funnel Management

In tapping and converting prospects into final successful deals is time consuming, costly and requires patience. With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, you are set for outbound leads. You can go ahead and reach out to them through your defined marketing methods.

Also, your website, your webinars and other methods incorporated in your marketing schedule are sure yielding results for leads additionally. All these go into a concept called the funnel; through which your sales process filter these to the bottom.

Wide Top

On the top of the funnel, is the widest part to grab all and every lead that your team is accumulating and feed goes in without any filters. Your team must have Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in place on your website and other landing pages to grab visitor details and all those go into this wide top mouth.

First Sieve

Now your marketing team starts identifying prospects with even slight inclination; based on the interest shown, any call-to-action taken or queries posted. This step also gives you potential sales leads albeit in a broader sense.

CRM Play

Although you can use the CRM tool,available FREE with anytime in the sales process, to streamline and manage your funnel in an optimized way, this is the best stage to feed the potential sales leads into the CRM. The use provides your team to keep an eye on the successful growth of the prospects into clients.

Personal Touches

With your potential prospects lined up, your team must move beyond any automation. Make a personal reach-out with experts to clear any doubts. Therefore, depending on the prospects’ frequency of visits to the sites, your team can identify those as high potential opportunities.

Final Pitch

Starting from the raw data on top, the team is ready for the final pitches; the strongest leads turn into the successful sales.

Business Specific

When putting leads and prospects on top, be business specific. Therefore, you can also weed out as soon as you can identify any artificial inputs like spam.

Smart Thinking-Smart Choice

Instead of hoarding along all, your experts can make smart choices and define the ongoing process to benefit the most from your time and money input.

Whatever your business area is, practiced patience, optimized expertise and concentrated approach along the funnel path with your unflinching efforts and unsullied faith, will yield a good Return on Investment (ROI).


The Highest ROI Comes From A Focused Strategy

Best ROI with Focused Strategy

With umpteen number of businesses spread over various sectors, it is a proven fact that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to optimizing a successful lead generation strategy for your business but an amalgamation of the following will help you to a great ROI (Return on Investment).

Social Media – Get Creative

Social media platforms are here to stay for now and those are a great source to engage with your prospects. In addition to posting on different platforms with different approaches, your team can make additional creative efforts to address you prosecutes in various time zones and diverse demographics.

Under-Utilized Platforms Like Quora

On the Internet, there are millions looking for answers and searching for solutions and remember in those millions, there are also your thousands of prospects. Answer questions on a site like Quora, where there is an expanded opportunity to showcase your products while highlighting your expertise in the field. Sometimes, your team can generate questions and highly valuable answers thus attracting people, you would never have interacted with.

Topic-Driven Seminars and Subject Chats

In the fast-moving world, people are always on the look for authentic solutions for their problems. They’re ready to listen when the answers sound genuine. A bi-monthly webinar series with Q-A and expert online chats are a must nowadays. This will make your brand a leader and recognized expert to go to when in doubt.

Online Presence

On your website, your team can create detailed landing pages where high-quality content can be provided and updated regularly. You can float a high-value newsletter to update your customers and prospects and inform about new offers and solutions.

Using CRM to Top it All

With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, your best bet is to optimize your usage of a useful free tool CRM (which comes free with All your prospects, customers and prospective clients in the pipeline are in one place; then worked on by your team for the best Returns on your Investments (ROI).

Off-Road Marketing Strategies


Off-Road Marketing Strategies: The Guidelines

Most businesses are running the marketing strategy through emails, cold calls, social media and usual methods out there on the road but try using the following off-the-road guidelines to get excellent results using, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy.

Research Stage

Using the lead generation lists, it is a good idea to do more search and save to distill your own business list in usually three categories – high, medium and low priorities. Also, depending on the time and budget, your team can address those in that order. Your team will be surprised to find the categorizations evolve and help in the planning stage.


On the basis of monetary values, demographics, age-groups and various other factors which are relevant to your products or solutions. Also, your team can plan a detailed worksheet. Important pointers are to have experts on hand and good listening ears to do the needful when using the personal call strategy. This is also an important planning stage to make sure your team is not shooting in the dark.

Audio Conversations

With con-people and spammers ruling the digital and other allied platforms, a soulful personal call is always welcome. This also works in some businesses better than others so it’s for your team to decide how much this will work. In most businesses, if there is value in providing a solution instead of pushing a solution, there is a welcoming sigh from the prospects.

Use Solution Languages

If your team can do the needful research on the persons at the other end of the call – their lives as human beings, their likes, dislikes and many more factors, you have struck gold. Starting on such a personal note, the words start melting the usual icy reactions.

Personalized Social Media

There are Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions now available. They can provide your team with tools to use the social media with a personal touch. Social media platforms are a goldmine of personal data;  detailing likes, dislikes and other attributes of personalities – and if your team can get a small percentage of that data, your reach out will be super-successful.

Never Give up

Many give up easily and start changing strategies. It’s better to have a sound strategy with flexibility and open-mindedness. Finally, failure is one of the first tastes that a marketing person must learn to take in his/her stride. FAIL, as said by a wise person is First Attempt In Learning (FAIL).

To End

Remember to look at your methods emails, calls, social media among others and make sure to add that personal touch. Be prepared in such a manner that provides a cutting-edge advantage and yields excellent Return on Investment (ROI).  Your monthly overview meetings will start witnessing results as your team learns more and more about the prospects. and creates a plan before dialing the number or contacting prospects via any other means like email or social media.