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Thanksgiving Week is here. The annual event is about not only turkey but also giving thanks for what your business has. After watching the trends and doing diligent research, our experts at Infofree.com came up with the following dos and don’ts while handling your Thanksgiving week and beyond marketing strategy:

Short Attention Span

First and foremost remember that your audience will have a short attention span when it comes to email or any other kind of online messaging. If you are in a sector that caters to this holiday then you know what to do before, during or after the event to reach out with deals and other niceties. But if you have products for other business sectors you can be very concise in word usage when.

Incredible Instant

The subject line of the email or the message has to be incredibly enticing for your reader. If you want the prospect to land in your lap during this holiday season; it’s better to avoid words like FREE, Incredible Offer, Once in a lifetime etc. which are thrown around by most. Your winning cards get the best deal by saying in straight language: What you’re offering instead of teasing like normal times.

Mobile Friendly Humor

On Thanksgiving tables when one wants to avoid listening to a monologue from an elderly relative; then checking one’s smartphone is seen as a smart way out. Your email or message, if mobile friendly, can be a savior for the person and if you can add a pinch of humor, relevant to your business sector, you are a winner.

Let Competition Lag

Most pundits in the business sectors except where there is relevance for the particular holidays, advise to shut down virtual marketing efforts. You will do great to beat the competition if you can keep your marketing machinery running but with a pragmatic approach. You never know when Lady Luck is going to smile on your business. Also, remember problems don’t respect holidays so why should you, who are offering solutions. Just make sure to fine-tune your marketing efforts more to problem-solving mode.

Automated Replies

On the holiday trail, most people set their email responders to automated modes of replying that they have limited connectivity or not checking emails till the end of the holiday season. Your team shouldn’t be fooled by such answers and be encouraged to send concise, short and solution-based email messages. Most prospects still check their emails and if you are offering something that is relevant, you are a winner.

Funnel, CRM Usage

As your team uses the lists provided by Infofree.com, where the business databases have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy. Make sure to use their free CRM tool provided. Save the prospects for your funnel for further interactions along the way.

Black Friday

Thus following such a strategically optimized marketing plan will definitely make Black Friday a profitable experience. As your ROI (Return on Investment) will expand and your profits will soar.


Expert Marketing – Desired Results

                                                                                                       expertise matters infofree.com/blog

 Expertise Matters, Develop Credibility

The business climate in most of the sectors is getting increasingly marketing-savvy. And the prospects are getting smarter, thus making it harder and harder to impress prospective clients. Our experts at Infofree.com listed some of the ways to sharpen your marketing skills for success:

Expertise Hub

All the marketers in your business sector are aiming to grab the attention of the prospects. If you can, develop your webpage or even an FAQ landing page into an expertise hub. You will be way ahead of any competition. Your experts can showcase their expertise there and develop it into an “experts available for answers to queries” also.


With your experts developing an expertise hub, the quality and timing of answers will establish your credibility in the market. An established credibility ensures an established audience that not only feeds into your funnel of prospects but also promotes your products and solutions with word of mouth and more.

Action Content

Content is one of the most essential parts of any marketing strategy but the content that is based on data and provides pragmatic insight gets more attention. Nowadays the audience loves to find actionable “how-to” information for different problems. If your business domain has such venues to explore, you can benefit a lot.

Innovative Videos

You can also generate videos which address the queries and generic problems in your business sector and troubleshooting with your solutions. Your team will also be surprised to see booming engagements and sharing of those by the audience if you make them easily shareable. Remember to keep them short, relevant and interesting.

Explore Communities

Along with building your brand and expertise, you should also look for which sites your targeted audience is frequenting. Through feedback and research, you can also identify business publications or special editions of magazines, influencers in the communities and professional chat rooms for troubleshooting. Getting an audience engaged there, will be one of the most effective ways of reaching a wide spectrum of prospects.

Use Lists

Last but not the least, your team can use the lists provided by Infofree.com, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, to use the aforementioned techniques for the best ROI (Return on Investment).


Holiday Marketing Time Has Arrived

Holiday Marketing in Lead Generation

The holiday season brings to mind decorations, family, friends and much more. But recently the holidays have evolved into a billion dollar industry and it’s time to imagine opportunities within. To engage your leads and prospects in a warm, festive marketing environment the following helpful guidelines can be considered:


First and foremost, your marketing team will need to get an understanding of the mindset of your audience. With different businesses, this changes dramatically but remember the holidays are that time of each year when your team can show the fun side and enjoy it with your audience. Better you understand your audience, better will be the interaction.


The element of surprise is essential and can be incorporated in content, offers, and Calls to Action (CTA). A surprise gift, offer or just a zombie-fever theme can attract attention. Expect the unexpected is the expression that should guide your audience to open your business windows of interaction with them.


This is the time of the year when your marketing team members can bring out the silliest ideas out and get away with them. Packaging those ideas in a creative way brings out the laughter and some of those are set to go viral through your audience.


Tradition is paramount in the holiday environment and it’s a good idea to ask your audience about their plans. People love to share their images of the decorations and other stuff they are indulging in. Depending on your business sector, you will collect a wealth of resources to share on social media and other platforms and the audience will flock to watch their own stuff and more.


If your business sector deals with products or services, where your team can safely incorporate festive bits, you are in luck and take full advantage of it. But if your sector has nothing to do with the holidays, it’s profitable to get innovative and find effective ways to use holiday marketing engagements. Your social media and other platforms can also be effective windows to share those on.

Tweak It

There is still a lot of buzz that can be generated by even simply tweaking holiday elements to your branding. On your social media platforms, your team can change the profile photos or other noticeable characteristics to holiday themes.


Winning The Lead-Gen Race


With the holiday season knocking on the door, your marketing team wants to accelerate the lead generation process. One of the sure ways to utilize all the lists provided by Infofree.com; where the business databases have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy. It’s time to optimize your Call To Action (CTA) using the following enhancers:


One of the most overlooked factors is lack of transparency in the offers. Most of the time, there are intentional or unintentional catches in the offers and usually, the visitor is confused thus leaving without acting on the CTA. Make sure there is complete transparency in your offer and there are no later hiccups.


Most people looking for a solution have a defined problem and if you can clearly offer a product/solution to address that, your visitor is all set to become a potential client.

Offers in the CTA

Instead of just using sugar-coated words to entice prospects, your team can make some offers which make the visitors ponder and feel the need to ask for more information. E-books, Free Trials, just a few Q-A from webinars or an offer to answer any queries of the visitors by your experts can go a long way in getting your leads to follow your CTA directions.


Placing the CTA is of paramount importance and special care should be taken to catch the roving eyes. Colorful presentation with highlighted contrast compared to the rest of the material is a sure sign to get attention. Never wait till the end of a page to place it.

Landing Page

Never a CTA should lead to a homepage and instead should have a landing page – dedicated to the purpose. Remember that when a visitor clicks on your CTA, there is expectancy to open exactly what you mentioned in the CTA; not to roam around your webpage.

Avoid Generics

Most of the successful conversations and actions are taken on CTAs are generated when specific words – prompting actions – are used. It’s best to avoid generic words in CTAs and your marketing experts can make sure to use action words specific to your business sector.


To Webinar Or Not To Webinar

Webinars to Suit Your Domain

Everyone in the marketing world knows about webinars; you might have hosted a few. But have you ever given a thought to the types and formats of a webinar that will really get your customers and prospects interested? To get the best out of your time, money and efforts, maybe you should address your audience on the following lines.

Sourcing for Audience

All efforts will fail if there is no reliable source of available leads. Your team is never sure where the next prospect is coming from and there are smiles when a visitor shows up and doom clouds hover when there is none. Here comes infofree.com, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, and you can start reaching out to invite an audience for your free webinars.

Prospect Oriented

With a distilled list of prospects from infofree.com, you are ready for webinars where your experts will address a common problem in your field and how your products/solutions are solving them, improving them as you listen to client feedback. Remember not to sound like a sales pitch talker. There will also be time for that later. Here just attract the attention, nurture the communication and listen for doubts and problems. As you go along, highlight the solutions, without sounding like pushing for a sale.

Product/Solution Demo

With your experts on your products, this kind of webinar helps generate interest and demonstrate that you have a solution to the problems facing your audience. Make sure to keep it short, informative and fine-tuned to your business specific audience.

Interactive Mode

The interactive mode can be added at the end of every webinar. But, you can also have specific ones where your experts interact with the audience. Taking their doubts and questions to provide answers and solutions. This kind of webinar, if held on a regular schedule, can also make you a leader in your business domain.

Workshop Style

On the lines of interacting with an audience but these are a more on-hands approach where the experts are kind of giving an informal training about the usage of your products and solutions. The aim is to show there are solutions to solve the problems of your audience. Along the way, there are explanations on how solutions are generated and doubts cleared about the usage.

Case Study

Once you have a list of customers who are actively pursuing communications with you; it is also worth having a case study webinar with real clients. The word of mouth from them is invaluable as they give a description of their problems and hiccups, then finding your products and getting a much-needed respite with those. This must not be attempted with a lot of clients at the same time as that will lead to a cacophony of contrasting views and opinions. Usually, more than two is not advisable anytime.

Innovative Approach

There can be many different approaches to host interesting and attention captivating webinars; you have to decide which ones work best for your business domain. Remember to avoid the herd mentality and get ahead by becoming a thought-provoking and solution generating leader.