NEW FEATURE – Web-to-lead website form integration

We are pleased to announce a new feature to our CRM101® that will make prospecting easier and more efficient for sales and marketing teams. Users are now able to capture leads from their website forms and automatically store them into their CRM101® account.

Users simply generate the code on CRM101®, and then integrate it onto their website form. Easily implement it with a WordPress or any website. Once installed properly, web form leads will automatically be uploaded to the user’s CRM101® account. This new feature enhances the end-users online prospecting experience by streamlining the lead capture step of the sales process. CRM101® users can take advantage of the new web-to-lead feature and start saving time and energy finding new prospects and customers. CRM101® is included with any subscription at no additional charge.


Please call us at 877 448 0101 if you need help setting it up.

Social Media and Successful Lead Generation

Using Social Media to enhance your lead generation efforts

There are ways and means to optimize lead generation to ensure that everyone benefits. The pressure on sales departments is understandable for any entrepreneur, but at we understand the importance of lead generation. We are working everyday to come up with fresh and effective ideas that can give entrepreneurs an edge over their competitors.

This week, we are sharing some simple steps on using social media to canvass opinion. Even as a small business owner, you can devote a little time and no extra money to use your social media channels for fruitful engagement with your present customers, as well as engage with prospective leads.

You can post a simple survey on your Facebook page about product interaction concepts, and then use the data in your efforts to reach prospective leads. Collecting and compiling data in such an transparent manner can go a long way in building a positive opinion as well as enhancing the credibility of your product.

Another important factor in retaining current customers while wooing new leads is social media reviews. Most social media platforms are offering plug-ins to collate genuine reviews from your customers about your products. Make sure to get consent and use those social media reviews to reinforce the image of your business. This will also help you target similar demographics in the same geographical zones and business sectors.

With wide reaching platforms on different social media outlets, offers its customers free promotions of your businesses when you give us a testimonial. We provide an on camera testimonial which is approved by you and in which you yourself tell the audience about your business and your specific field of expertise.

You are welcome to reach out to our dedicated team for more on how to utilize our free CRM and other tools. You will be amazed at the results! to Introduce its Sales Leads at Salesforce’s Dreamforce in San Francisco

Omaha, Nebraska the premier provider of unlimited sales leads & mailing lists is excited to announce that they will be among one of the sponsors at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference on November 6th-9th in San Francisco, California.

As one of the sponsors, they will exhibit their new Salesforce app, ‘ Sales Leads’, which allows users to find new customers to grow their sales, qualify leads, and keep their data up to date. Similar to, users will be able to search business sales leads by geography, type of business, business size, etc. Consumer sales leads can be searched by geography, age, income, home value and much more. This new app is designed to save time and money for sales teams. looks to make a big splash at the largest tech conference in the world. “This new product, Sales Leads will allow Salesforce Users to learn more about their customers, validate their leads, and grow their pipeline, all within Salesforce®”, said Bob Smith, President of

The app is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Salesforce Users can request a free trial of the app by calling (877) 448-0101 or installing from the Salesforce AppExchange (

How to Avoid Email Marketing Pitfalls

In the digital age, email marketing has become part of a much more diverse set of marketing techniques. If you are planning or have started using email marketing, then you are already familiar with two dreaded words: delete and unsubscribe.

Its quite difficult to attract the of attention of a prospect with email marketing but then comes the harder part of keeping it. For getting started, database provides business databases which are updated every month and are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.

Once you have got the attention of prospects through using databases, you will need to keep them interested. Here comes the sobering watch over your marketing team so your prospects are not overwhelmed with an overdose of your marketing material, clogging their inboxes.

It is a good idea to give them the option of how regularly they want to receive updates about your products: daily, weekly or monthly. Also advisable to keep the emails on a steady flow lest the prospects forget your company exists. An optimum balance can be worked out by watching the trends, depending on the nature of your business. Please keep the content concise and NEVER verbose. It is critical to have interest generating content in the first lines to grab the attention.

Last but not the least, you can innovate and improve the content to include tips, business news or any periodic FREE offers which will benefit your audience and keep them engaged.

Optimizing your message with’s Lead Generation Data

Optimizing your message with’s Lead Generation Data.

Lead generation” is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

But goes a step beyond basic lead generation as we provide a targeted audience in different sectors and states for your business to embrace potential customers and get them on the path to eventually become your customers.

On your own, if you and your team go for lead generation through information collection, it will take time and dollars to get the pinpointed accurate data. provides an easier, authentic and inexpensive way for accurate information collection, making it easier for you to hit the ground running.

With’s system, you get unlimited sales leads, a free CRM, its proprietary clonelytics software and a mobile application with mapping features.

To provide you with the highest quality lead generation, business databases are updated every month and are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.

Armed with high quality data, you can move immediately ahead to reach out to your chosen sector in your geographical area with an offer loaded with enough value to attract the prospects.

With data, you will soon realize the value of Cost Per Lead (CPL), which is a highly utilized metric, that can guide your marketing strategy. As you proceed further, you will be surprised at the response rate from the lead data and the reach value will, in turn, enhance the profit levels. provides a highly economical CPL value. When combined with innovative messaging targeting your particular business sector and geographical areas, you are all set for a smooth journey on the road to booming profits.

Additionally, our valuable helplines are always available to answer your questions and help you with growing your businesses. You can reach us at 877 448 01010.

Go Double Edged with the Best of Both Print and Digital

Go Double Edged with the Best of Both Print and Digital

Regardless of industry, as an entrepreneur you understand the importance of the arsenal in your marketing department to carve out a successful path to build a customer base. However, the challenges of marketing call for a multitude of efforts, combining in perfect harmony to raise your brand awareness and enhance revenue numbers going forward.

Experience shows that using time-tested print methods with digital options can be great and there is a need to optimize a perfect balance between these two integral cogs of your marketing machine.™ is an easy to use, reliable and affordable tool that makes it easier for you to take your business to greater heights.

Understanding and using direct mail and digital marketing campaigns as interdependent on each other, Infofree goes a long way by offering it through the complementary benefits of each marketing medium.

Most of the targeted population falls somewhere in between these two extremes. Some like to respond to offline marketing because they feel it is more personal. Others prefer online interactions and direct business conversation.

With’s system, you get unlimited sales leads, a free CRM, its proprietary clonelytics software and a mobile application with mapping features.

To provide you with the highest quality lead generation, Infofree business databases are updated every month and are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.

With reliable data from Infofree, you can design and cover both direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. With the free CRM, you can track your success and make lead generation simple and economical.

Using Infofree’s expertise, your business can create cohesion between these two different forms of marketing. This will underpin the overall success of your marketing campaigns, thus proving an effective tool at brand building and awareness.

How Can Small Businesses Benefit from InfoFree?

Thank you readers for your overwhelming response and feedback to last week’s post Choosing a Lead Generation Option, where we talked about unlimited sales leads, a free CRM, its proprietary clonelytics software and a mobile application with mapping features.

We had a a lot of input from small businesses/retailers with queries about how to do local lead generation and how they can trust and utilize the available databases in an optimum manner.

First and foremost, lets shatter a myth that sales leads, mailing lists or databases are 100% accurate. This is simply not possible as businesses come and go on a daily basis.

At, we agree our databases are not perfect, but they are the best and most accurate in the industry. We diligently update our databases thus making our business databases 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.

As a small business owner, sometimes, its a one-person or two-persons show and you can imagine if you had to go out and find these leads on your own … it would take a lot of time and cost thousands of dollars.

With our lead generation databases, you can have access to unlimited sales leads – any time you want and without limits. All that for a flat monthly fee without any hidden costs.

For the small business owner, the local leads are not only a starting point but a base to build on. Using lead qualification criteria, you may have to qualify these leads for your particular business, but once you do, you will end up with a high quality prospect list. Powered with such a list, you find new customers and give your business a much needed boost with an edge over the competition.

The secret lies in utilizing all the tools provided by Infofree to maximize your efforts. You should be able to use the sales leads, mailing lists and databases in conjunction with CRM101® a powerful tool which comes free with Infofree services. (Please check our last blog post Choosing a Lead Generation Option).

Last but not least, our valuable helplines are always available to answer your questions and help you with growing your businesses. You can reach us at 877 448 0101.

Choosing a Lead Generation Service

Choosing the best lead generation service

lead generation option

As an entrepreneur you love your business, and to grow it, you need to consider lead generation options. Experience shows that finding a good data provider can be extremely trying, but we are confident we have found a perfect balance between accuracy, affordability and user-friendliness in™.

There are pertinent questions that one needs to consider before deciding: Where does the data come from? How often is it updated? Do they guarantee a certain standard of accuracy? Infofree is a true compiler of data, and its cloud-based software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system helps you grow your business and its profitability.

With’s system, you get unlimited sales leads, email lists, mailing lists, a free CRM, its proprietary clonelytics software and a mobile application with mapping features.

To provide you with the highest quality lead generation, Infofree *business databases* are updated every month and are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.


The CRM, a powerful tool, comes free with Infofree services to help you turn your sales leads into customers, manage your prospects’ contact information, schedule appointments and map their location. With the limitations on free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc…), you can not send mass mailings as these are not structured to handle those. You can, however send up to 250 emails per day from CRM101.

Make notes for each lead

After selecting a record, you have the ability to makes notes for that lead on the right-hand side under the “Contact Manager” tab. When making a note, your lead will automatically be added to the contact manager, CRM101®
Business Sales Leads

See your prospects on a map!

After narrowing down you search, you have the ability to view your sales leads on a map when you go to the CRM101® contact manager.
See Your Prospects on a Map

Sync your calendar

Sync your Google and Outlook accounts with the new CRM101® calendar integration. This feature allows users to set up appointments and meetings while saving time.
Infofree Features

Send emails through the CRM101®

Users have the ability to pre-write and save email templates in the CRM101®. These templates can help make sending emails to multiple people much easier and more effective. Users can to send up to 250 emails a day, this updated feature allows for a much smoother and faster emailing process and gives the user the ability to reach out to more customers.
Email Prospecting

When importing from Infofree to CRM101, they already have longitude and latitudes of all records with a valid address. This piece of information is imported along with other consumer/business data and used for mapping purposes. Additionally, when importing a personal list using csv or excel file to CRM, there is a system in place which validates the address and verifies with google to retrieve longitude and latitude information corresponding to every record that the user manually imports to the CRM.

With the launch of this weekly post, we are listening to you, responding to you and also carry your experiences as we trudge the successful road to empower you and bring prosperity to your businesses.

At, we reiterate our commitment to your success and look forward to your feedback. Please call us at 877 448 0101 to get started!

Real Estate Agents Love Using

Real estate agents looking to find new clients to grow their sales love using Whether you’re in commercial or residential real estate, has the information you need to target your market segment. We have millions of business and consumer real estate leads that include emails, mailing address, phone numbers, and much more.

Cindy Armour-Helm from Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Capital Area has been an user for around 4 years. She has used other services in the past, but is now exclusively using Infofree to get highly targeted sales leads, email lists, and mailing lists. Cindy says “Infofree is very easy to use” and that Infofree “allows for a better marketing job”

To have success like real estate agent, Cindy – give our marketing experts a call at 1.877.448.0101 or get started on your FREE TRIAL here

Infographic: 5 Direct Mail Marketing Trends in 2017

Direct Mail Marketing Infographic

Mix up your next marketing campaign with some of these hot new direct marketing trends in 2017! For more information and details see the article, 5 Direct Mail Marketing Trends in 2017. Some of these direct mailing trends include the use of video mailers, dimensional mailers, big data personalization, PURLs, QR codes, & variable printing. Get a higher response rate with these 2017 trends.

direct mail marketing trends, 2017