How to Get Customers on Social Media: 101

Social Media: Rise Above the Clutter

Your marketing team is posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media; but do you know the life-span of these postings is a few minutes to a couple of hours. You need to do a little more for longer exposure and get the maximum out of your efforts. Here we will outline some of the major pointers to use social media platforms beyond just sharing your updates.

Get Started

The first point to remember is using social media campaigns to drive leads is easy to plan, launch and monitor. Most of these campaigns are mobile-friendly. Your marketing team needs to be aware that starting takes a little extra legwork; but, once it starts rolling your team will be able to launch multiple campaigns.


Everyone talks about social media postings but one of the major factors to success is social media listening. The process can be highly focussed on what’s happening in your business sector, and who’s talking about the latest products. By going to search engine options on Twitter and others, you can monitor handles and keywords which are trending. Your experts can share answers to what are the roadblocks your potential prospects are facing and start conversations.


Depending on your fishing areas for leads, the geographical targeting can be great. For local business, these are excellent. Also, for businesses on a wider scale, these offer different ways to identify and target prospects as they engage in conversations on relevant subjects of interest.


Like geo-targeting, demographics play a major role in social media environments and your marketing team can benefit by identifying groups, conversations and other outlet activities, where the problems and solutions are being discussed and shared. Search options on can be of maximum help.

Gated Content

Content is the most important factor in driving prospects to your pages; also, engagement, but there is a certain way – beyond just providing it all for free. This is easy to promote on social media platforms. Your team can have highly relevant expertise laden content – behind a gate where an interested seeker provides some basic information, before being allowed to watch, read and benefit from your expertise. It works once the visitors know the quality of your content in an open arena is excellent.

Quizzes, Contests, and Engagements

Also, quizzes, when done right, are an effective method for generating leads on and off social media platforms. Similarly, contests where the prospects, relevant to your business, will flock, need to be optimized with a right incentive to participate and with a win-win situation even if the prospect is not a winner. Surprise gifts can add value for future participation attractions.

Pop Up Offers

Although pop-ups are not very popular, those are still a good use when optimized for your particular business. Also, keep them loaded with value in content and offers for prospects looking for solutions.

Links to Website

All social media activities must have a direct embed on your website and other relevant pages. Another advantage of a social media hub is to insert Call to Actions (CTAs) within that.

CRM Usage

Your team can make an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) by using a very useful free tool CRM with All your prospects, customers and prospective clients in the pipeline are kept in one place and worked on by your team. With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, you are on the way to success.


The Myths of Lead Generation

Myth Busters

Your team has been working hard on lead generation and converting prospects to clients. But along the way, the grapevine is ripe with wise phrases which have found to be untrue. Our experts at are also providing a short list of prominent among them:

Lead Generation Can’t be Tracked

Remember that tracking lead generation is like keeping an inventory of your business. There are also many methods to track from the first contact to the final sale. There are different factors which suit various business. Depending on your sector, your team can appropriately choose the optimized analytics or suitable metrics tracking.

Qualifying Leads Don’t Matter

Quality is always a step ahead of quantity and this is specifically true if your business is working in B2C but also in a highly competitive B2B sector. Depending on your business, your marketing team can optimize the qualifying factors for the process of lead generation and benefit from quality attention.

Quality Landing Pages are a Waster of Time

Great landing pages take a business to greater heights of success and are an essential part of any successful marketing strategy in most of the businesses. Your team can also decide on the necessary number of landing pages, appropriate for your business. The quality offered on those and usage of available Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to grab details of visitors is a must.

Social Media No More Effective in Lead Generation

Social media platforms have been a valuable marketing tool for customer interaction and raising your brand awareness. The factor that is important to focus is that different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other ones, need specific ways to post an update to get best results. Just dumping on social media platforms will not provide a successful return.

Webinars are a Waste of Time for Lead Generation

This sentence is farthest from the truth as with modern highly aware and Internet-savvy audience. The webinars go a long way in a fruitful interaction with your customers and prospects. A well-planned webinar schedule with experts in attendance to answer any questions on the particular subjects yields successful results over a period of time.

Loads of Own Success Stories Needed

It’s always one story that clicks with a prospect; hence the focus will be on quantity but on quality. Your business also offers solutions and if you have a testimonial from a real customer you are all set for success.

There is umpteen number of myths your marketing team will come across. But a determined focussed optimized marketing strategy will definitely guide them along the road to success.


The Highest ROI Comes From A Focused Strategy

Best ROI with Focused Strategy

With umpteen number of businesses spread over various sectors, it is a proven fact that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to optimizing a successful lead generation strategy for your business but an amalgamation of the following will help you to a great ROI (Return on Investment).

Social Media – Get Creative

Social media platforms are here to stay for now and those are a great source to engage with your prospects. In addition to posting on different platforms with different approaches, your team can make additional creative efforts to address you prosecutes in various time zones and diverse demographics.

Under-Utilized Platforms Like Quora

On the Internet, there are millions looking for answers and searching for solutions and remember in those millions, there are also your thousands of prospects. Answer questions on a site like Quora, where there is an expanded opportunity to showcase your products while highlighting your expertise in the field. Sometimes, your team can generate questions and highly valuable answers thus attracting people, you would never have interacted with.

Topic-Driven Seminars and Subject Chats

In the fast-moving world, people are always on the look for authentic solutions for their problems. They’re ready to listen when the answers sound genuine. A bi-monthly webinar series with Q-A and expert online chats are a must nowadays. This will make your brand a leader and recognized expert to go to when in doubt.

Online Presence

On your website, your team can create detailed landing pages where high-quality content can be provided and updated regularly. You can float a high-value newsletter to update your customers and prospects and inform about new offers and solutions.

Using CRM to Top it All

With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, your best bet is to optimize your usage of a useful free tool CRM (which comes free with All your prospects, customers and prospective clients in the pipeline are in one place; then worked on by your team for the best Returns on your Investments (ROI).

Business Strategy: How To Optimize Yours


Optimize a Strategy for Your Business

You must have been bombarded with so many business strategies advises that sometimes you feel overwhelmed. Its fine to feel like that and our experts worked to highlight what pointers you should look to.

Cold Telemarketing

Cold calling or reaching out without appointment works as our clients have repeatedly told us in their testimonials. Armed with the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, a right approach can provide you with the most effective and fastest ways to generate sales. The best ways are to do a diligent geographical or earnings-related on the lists; then proceeds with an open mind and a listening ear.

Letterbox Inserts

Depending on your business, you can get letterbox inserts or pamphlets drops in the area your business covers. The method works wonders not only for real estate or local businesses but also for larger geographical domains; If a solution is being sought by a person, household or another business, the inserts will attract attention.

Social Media Business Strategy

Social media although is very high on the recommended list of most pundits giving advise on marketing strategies; its a proven fact now that you need to have an optimized usage method for different social media platforms. In short, here we can define like this: For example, on Twitter, the timing of posting is important to decide what are the best timings your prospects will be surfing the net. Here the timezones, office hours or stay home moms’ timings are all important depending on your products/solutions. Similar are the factors for Facebook, LinkedIn or other media.

Local Platforms

Most of the communities in different counties in the US have some sort of local platforms; where the residents talk about security, services and other common interests. Such group also exist on Facebook. If your business is localized (and most have a local component), you can strike gold if you get showcased there in a positive light.

Promotional Cycle

Adding every once in a while, a promotional element in your email or other ways to reach out to prospects works. There should be consistency and the promotion can be strong valuable content, webinar and its transcript. Other recommended items are answering questions on your products/solutions, quick tips on common problems faced in your sector and educational blogs.

Time to Reactivate

There always comes a time when your marketing team has a list of inactive subscribers or prospects yet to respond. The best way forward is to regularly attempt to reactivate such lists using a soft-coaxing reactivation campaign. But, if the reengagement doesn’t happen, it’s best to delete them. Overall, your team will develop a working relationship with the clients who will help your campaign with word of mouth.

Finally,  consider a single element of marketing strategy in isolation. To be successful, have an optimized mix of these elements, look at specific aspects of your business and strategic goals. We are sure your team will get the right formula for you but if you have hiccups or need clarifications, our experts are here to help you.


Lead Generation Made Easy

Lead Generation Made Easy for New Businesses

Every business was new at some point. And if you are an entrepreneur, our experts have some proven marketing strategies to guide you through. You will come across the phrase “Lead Generation,” as you open shop for new customers.

Lead generation is nothing but the age-old method of getting potential customers interested in what you are offering. With the advent of the Internet, these methods to attract, nurture, and convert prospects into paying customers, have also evolved from trade shows and door-to-door like methods to now just click of button tactics. The following are the basics to start your journey:

Company Website

Most businesses launch and develop a website as a lead generation option. Whatever the trade specific criteria of your business, the website must have the contact information and details of your products on offer. Also, an automation solution to grab any visitor details to feed your lead funnel and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to greet and answer the basic questions posed by a visiting prospect are also essential.

Focus Database

With the use of leads from,  having 95% accuracy and consumer databases your team should start doing the research based on your business criteria to build a database of prospects. More focussed your compiling is, better will be the result on investment (ROI).

Free CRM also offers its customers a free tool CRM system; which is highly effective in choosing, saving, updating and using a database from the leads as you move forward. Over a period of time, the CRM helps in not only organizing your contact information; but also in managing and developing your relationship with your clients and prospects

Various Platforms

Remember to make your website or any Internet platform for your business, mobile-friendly as many people today search/decide/buy while on the move. Your team must offer a seamless experience across multiple devices and channels to reach your targeted prospects.

Usage of Social Media

With the launch of your business and the website reflecting it, your team will do great to make a Facebook page for the same and register on other social media platforms like Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn among others. Also, connecting your website with those platforms is a simultaneous step to integrate your efforts.

Offers & CTA

With the onset of a new journey, your team can put together a demo or free trial for your product. Not only just offering offers to attract prospects but also making sure to get feedback through CTA. With time you will develop content and host webinars among other methods of interaction but start, you need to attract prospects to get interested in your product.

The aforementioned helpful guidelines will start your business journey on a strong and successful footing. And over a period of time, there are advanced tactics which you can add to your strategic marketing strategy.

Off-Road Marketing Strategies


Off-Road Marketing Strategies: The Guidelines

Most businesses are running the marketing strategy through emails, cold calls, social media and usual methods out there on the road but try using the following off-the-road guidelines to get excellent results using, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy.

Research Stage

Using the lead generation lists, it is a good idea to do more search and save to distill your own business list in usually three categories – high, medium and low priorities. Also, depending on the time and budget, your team can address those in that order. Your team will be surprised to find the categorizations evolve and help in the planning stage.


On the basis of monetary values, demographics, age-groups and various other factors which are relevant to your products or solutions. Also, your team can plan a detailed worksheet. Important pointers are to have experts on hand and good listening ears to do the needful when using the personal call strategy. This is also an important planning stage to make sure your team is not shooting in the dark.

Audio Conversations

With con-people and spammers ruling the digital and other allied platforms, a soulful personal call is always welcome. This also works in some businesses better than others so it’s for your team to decide how much this will work. In most businesses, if there is value in providing a solution instead of pushing a solution, there is a welcoming sigh from the prospects.

Use Solution Languages

If your team can do the needful research on the persons at the other end of the call – their lives as human beings, their likes, dislikes and many more factors, you have struck gold. Starting on such a personal note, the words start melting the usual icy reactions.

Personalized Social Media

There are Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions now available. They can provide your team with tools to use the social media with a personal touch. Social media platforms are a goldmine of personal data;  detailing likes, dislikes and other attributes of personalities – and if your team can get a small percentage of that data, your reach out will be super-successful.

Never Give up

Many give up easily and start changing strategies. It’s better to have a sound strategy with flexibility and open-mindedness. Finally, failure is one of the first tastes that a marketing person must learn to take in his/her stride. FAIL, as said by a wise person is First Attempt In Learning (FAIL).

To End

Remember to look at your methods emails, calls, social media among others and make sure to add that personal touch. Be prepared in such a manner that provides a cutting-edge advantage and yields excellent Return on Investment (ROI).  Your monthly overview meetings will start witnessing results as your team learns more and more about the prospects. and creates a plan before dialing the number or contacting prospects via any other means like email or social media.


Are You There Boss? It’s Me, Your Webinar…

Webinar: A Valuable Tool for Lead Generation

Simply put a webinar is “a seminar conducted over the Internet” but using it to identify new prospects; utilizing its details to turn those leads into new sales opportunities and establish a brand name, needs careful planning.

Before the Webinar

Once your team decides to go ahead and use a webinar; your experts should look at the following guidelines for preparing for one:


The challenge of registering enough people can be met with the pragmatic usage of the business databases of having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy. If you have blog posts by experts and other allied content, it’s a good read to link your webinar announcements to that directly. Avoid a webinar landing page with great promises but not much face-value to the user.

Content & Experts

Concentrate on content to be provided; experts of your team who will run the show – as better the engaging — better will be your end result. There is a vast market of hunger for knowledge and people want to learn from the experts. The usefulness of your webinar is the most important factor in increasing user engagement.


A webinar is considered a relatively low-cost but a very powerful way to interact with a targeted audience. If your team has been blogging and/or providing expert opinions on specific questions related to your business, then a webinar can work brilliantly in your favor. Blogging, the best stepping stone to trust generation, can be used for people to register, reserve their slot and attend your webinar.

Social Media

Not only blogging but also hitting the social media with the links to webinar page and blog posts helps. Also depending on your budget and time, there are venues to go for paid media or through keynote experts in the field.

Pre-Webinar Questionnaire

A simple but effective method employed, using your loyal and regular customers is to ask if there are questions/doubts on the subject of your webinar. If you reach out to 100 people, and you get 5 questions/pointers, it’s a great win. Your experts should also prepare their own questions and relevant answers beforehand.

During the Webinar

Time period

Your team must make sure the time period is 60 minutes or less and they stick to punctuality of start and finish, with segregated sections for presentation, reflection, and Q-A to engage.


You must make sure that technically your equipment and the programs you are using are impeccable. Any static or loss of connections etc. can cost you dearly and can be very difficult to bring back the listeners and participants ever again.


The key to a successful webinar is engagement; it’s a proven fact that when people are engaged, there are results, right on the spot. Stay time for your participants depends entirely on their engagement with your subject, presentation and expertise levels.


Without dragging the presentations for long, there should be a lively question and answer session, The stay time will be defined by the not only the relevancy of the content but also the expertise level so attendees can stick around during the Q&A. To begin with, you can have loyal customers throw some pertinent questions to get the ball rolling. Also, encourage the hesitant new prospect to engage in clearing doubts.

On the Spot Offers

Another interesting aspect is some undeclared goodies in the bag. Offer prospects a trial period once they show interest in your product.


Follow Up

After a successful webinar, a follow-up period is essential as your team sends out not only dry thank you notes but also provides links to the web-session and related blog articles. Moreover, an offer to clarify any doubts or answer any questions will help the prospects to stay connected.

Matter of Belonging

A well-planned web-session can be one of the most powerful tools for taking your lead generation strategy to the next level. If you have engaged with a select group of prospects, you’ve generated a vital feeling of belonging and trust; which is sure to benefit you through leads and sales.





Building a Loyal Customer Base

Lead Generation or Customer Base Acquisition

As an entrepreneur, your dream is to build a successful business with a vast and loyal customer base. Everyone is vying to get the prospect’s attention, entice visitors and convert leads into sales deals. In addition to run-of-the-mill suggestions like using direct mail, email, sales offers and other methods, there are some specific pointers. Extract maximum benefits, using leads from the business databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy. The following of those can guide your team to optimize your efforts in your business of choice and arena.

Product Placements

Depending on the field of your activity, product placement can deliver a quick boost of inquiries to from your customer base. Your budget and business connections play a vital role in the product’s notoriety. Some of the intellectual-solutions have found a great way forward through inclusion in a presentation; a university professor who endorses the qualities of your offerings. Invest in product placement; compared to exorbitant costs of advertising spaces to achieve the same audience reach. Moreover, audiences are notorious for switching off sounds and/or attention during advertisements.

Link Bonding

In the modern competitive marketing world, one of the least used methods is link bonding or link building where there is a sharing of link hosting with other websites and pages. The process is a challenging and time-consuming effort for the marketing team but the benefits surpass the investments. There are now AI solutions and even helpful searches on databases; which can help your team identify the similar or allied partners to explore back-linking possibilities.


Another slightly different from link bonding is the method of co-marketing where complementary and non-competitive alliances are made for a way forward strategy. In most of the business sectors, such mutually beneficial activities can be identified and generated. Your customer base is easier to reach when multiple sources of marketing are in use.

Expertise Showcasing

There are many options in which your experts can become the talk of the industry in their chosen fields; thus raising the awareness levels of your brands. Speaking at trade fairs, through webinars and posting blogs are some of the ways in which your experts can showcase your brand. Over a period of time, once the brand name gets established, it becomes easier to maintain it.


Stick A Perfect Landing…Page


An Excellent Landing Page Has Clarity, Not Ambiguity

Remember a landing page for your business, is the take-off page for the successful flight of your business. More user-friendly and offering optimized usage it is, more visitors will become loyal customers from just prospects. There are certain strategic guidelines to get an effective and prompt response from your visitors. Clarity is the magic word that must run through every vein of your website.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Everyone on the internet is skeptical. Although they may land on a page, there needs to be some careful persuasion for a stay and a return. Having visited scores of pages, the modern day visitor is hawk-eyed and the best bet is to have your product available as soon as possible to the roaming eye.

To the Point

Most of the business-oriented visitors do not like to waste time in the cyberspace but are looking for a product or a solution. With no-nonsense, the website should highlight the products and/or solutions offered on the first page. The details can be provided on linked pages but the experts must write a few words about the product that will give an enticing glimpse into what you are offering.

No Bait and Switch

You must be familiar with the expression “bait-and-switch” signifying sometimes illegal techniques. Make sure there is none of that on your pages. Not only your business can land in hot waters but also put an indelible mark on your credibility. The fruits of avoiding it are longterm and worth pursuing.

Call to Action

Overall, your landing page must be designed to spur the visitor. Drive them to go through the stages of a researcher and then into becoming a loyal customer. There are many different ways for a call to action for various business and sectors. Depending on your line of business, you must offer something that shows value like the prospect of a product update or a free trial period for your solution. Without losing a bunch of cash on these, your experts can identify what is the best offer in your sector to attract prospects.

Overall, every business owner or customer knows, business means making money. You are an entrepreneur to make a profit but your intentions must match your own convictions. The spelling out of clear-cut intentions based on your honest convictions, attract the prospects in an inexplicable way. When you use the business databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, your team should be honest in approach and leads will convert.


Consistency and Raising Business Awareness

As time goes on, there is a constant clamor for change in business marketing strategies. The pundits are declaring that consumer habits are constantly changing and hence marketers must change the way they market. We agree that the marketing strategies must change to match the way people are actually shopping. We are going to list those methods which need consistency to get results.

Reaching Out

With the business marketing databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, the immediate effective way is to reach out. Do this with a multi-pronged process of short but effective emails and courteous calls focusing on your product. In addition to using email to reach out, your team should utilize it as a follow-up tool to stay in touch with prospects and customers. 

Social Media

Social media is highly rated in marketing strategies but one point which is often overlooked is – consistency. A regular and consistent posting timeframe will improve your visibility and drive up your metrics on different platforms. Both your own original and shared quality contents are essential to continue the consistent presence there.

Quality Business Blog

Blogging with expertise and looking to provide answers to problems or issues arising in your sector on a regular basis, will keep visitor flow steady to your website. Expert commentary builds your brand as the credibility of your product builds. Without hesitation, your experts should be available to address issues on a priority basis. 
Last but not the least, please feel free to reach out to the expert team at for clearing any hurdles you face along the path to success. 877.448.0101 We are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST