Our customers rock!

It’s exciting to get feedback from our customers every day. We love to hear about what they would like to see added to infofree, and what they enjoy about the application now. We like the challenge of creating the enhancements that are most important to them. So thanks for your comments subscribers, you rock!


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“I’m a huge fan of Infrofree.com the leads are accurate and the ability to get as many as I need is a great feature.” —Michael Eyermann, Prudential

“Great Service and great value that keeps getting better!” —David Griest, Smart Water Tech


“Using infofree was easy. The price is great.” —Bill Lehnertz, TLC Financial


“This service is AWESOME!!! Instant leads at a push of a button. That’s the way to go!” —Richard Heineman, isellresults.com

“OMG! Thanks so much for getting the health interest section. Just what we needed. Yippi!” —Tracy Fesler, AdminPro.biz

“Infofree.com is a bargain, no salesperson should be without it.” — Roger Kadavy

“Infofree has made gaining clients MUCH easier. The information provided is accurate and the ability to drill down to what demographic I need is awesome! I’ve referred infofree to others (whom I know are now using it). I use infofree for business searches but we also se it in our own business for consumer searches. Our business has grown substantially using infofree!” — Brande Ulrich, Encompass

“There are a multitude of databases and lead services out there, but all become quite expensive and value is questionable due to age of most. For Direct Mail solicitation of certain types of insurance products I have found the service well worth it.” — Robert Meier

“Good price, quick results, great service! Who could ask for more?” — Tim Kepler

“Great service, best price in the industry. I love the ease of use and the free features included. Keep up the good work.” — Dee Edwards

“Great price and great service. Had a question about downloading, and the lady in support was very helpful and had the issue taken care of in one minute…(user error)” — Rhea Baker

“Low cost, great product and easy to use” — Tom Clark

“I just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU for offering this service. For what it is worth, you have allowed me to create a new business. I have already hired 5 new employees and expect to have 50 by the end of the year. This new business will also be responsible for putting over 3 hundred Sales people to work. And I can honestly say it is all because I am able to get this Great Data for 49.95/ month. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH. – Randy Hinderer, EtR Group LLC

“Super easy to use, very affordable, and great customer service!” — Austin Jay Brown

“Low cost lead source. Try it out.” — Greg Bibas

“Very smooth process. Very simple to operate, so far I’m very glad I signed up for this.”— Andre Willbright, American Awnings and Sign Depot Inc.

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