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A high quality mailing list is a vital component of any marketing strategy. In conjunction with print advertising, traditional media, social media, and digital marketing, creating and maintaining a targeted mailinglists can help to get your message in front of the right prospective customers. Here are 6 tips to make the most of your list:

Creating a Targeted Mailing List:

    • Determine your target market.

      What types of customers are most suitable for your marketing message? Is there a specific geography, gender, or income level you want to target? lets you choose your list from:

      • 250 million consumers
      • 15 million businesses
      • New businesses
      • New movers
      • hundreds of specialty databases
    • Decide how you want to reach your customers.

      After you’ve found your target customer base, choose how you’d like to contact them. Would older consumers respond better to direct mail? Are businesses more likely to open your emails? From direct mailing lists, email marketing lists, and telemarketing lists, find the information that’s right for your business with a mailing list from

    • Enhance your list through your other marketing channels.

      Utilize all of the components of your marketing strategy to add to and update your list frequently. Encourage customers to join your mailing list by taking advantage of your existing marketing:

      Direct mail: Offer your recipients an opportunity to sign up for your newsletter online, or tout your social media channels within your direct mail piece.

      Social media: Grab the low-hanging fruit by asking your social community to join your email marketing list for company updates or special offers.

      Thank-you page / Transactional emails: These customers are already engaging with your company. Make it easy for them to stay in the loop by signing up for company emails.

Making the Most of Your Mailing List:

  • Send compelling offers to keep your prospects interested.

    The average working professional receives in excess of 100 emails each day. To cut through the clutter and avoid the dreaded “unsubscribe” button, you should send relevant and compelling emails to ensure that your readers open your emails. If you’re sending direct mail, consider adding a special offer or exclusive company announcement to avoid ending up in the trash.

  • Maintain a manageable list.

    Less is more! It’s tempting to add as many names to your mailing list as possible, but this can lead to more work in the future as you clean up the inevitable bad data that will result. A recent study found that U.S. businesses waste as much as $600 billion a year by holding onto bad data. As a rule of thumb, create a new list every 6 months through infofree, which scrubs data against the Do Not Call (DNC) and National Change of Address (NCOA) registries so you don’t have to.

  • Do your due diligence.

    Nobody likes a clinger. Honor those unsubscribe requests and remove those recipients from your list. You might feel rejected, but if they aren’t interested in your business, they are just taking up wasted space on your mailing list. Remember to keep your list fresh, clean, and up to date for your best results!