Stick A Perfect Landing…Page


An Excellent Landing Page Has Clarity, Not Ambiguity

Remember a landing page for your business, is the take-off page for the successful flight of your business. More user-friendly and offering optimized usage it is, more visitors will become loyal customers from just prospects. There are certain strategic guidelines to get an effective and prompt response from your visitors. Clarity is the magic word that must run through every vein of your website.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Everyone on the internet is skeptical. Although they may land on a page, there needs to be some careful persuasion for a stay and a return. Having visited scores of pages, the modern day visitor is hawk-eyed and the best bet is to have your product available as soon as possible to the roaming eye.

To the Point

Most of the business-oriented visitors do not like to waste time in the cyberspace but are looking for a product or a solution. With no-nonsense, the website should highlight the products and/or solutions offered on the first page. The details can be provided on linked pages but the experts must write a few words about the product that will give an enticing glimpse into what you are offering.

No Bait and Switch

You must be familiar with the expression “bait-and-switch” signifying sometimes illegal techniques. Make sure there is none of that on your pages. Not only your business can land in hot waters but also put an indelible mark on your credibility. The fruits of avoiding it are longterm and worth pursuing.

Call to Action

Overall, your landing page must be designed to spur the visitor. Drive them to go through the stages of a researcher and then into becoming a loyal customer. There are many different ways for a call to action for various business and sectors. Depending on your line of business, you must offer something that shows value like the prospect of a product update or a free trial period for your solution. Without losing a bunch of cash on these, your experts can identify what is the best offer in your sector to attract prospects.

Overall, every business owner or customer knows, business means making money. You are an entrepreneur to make a profit but your intentions must match your own convictions. The spelling out of clear-cut intentions based on your honest convictions, attract the prospects in an inexplicable way. When you use the business databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, your team should be honest in approach and leads will convert.


Consistency and Raising Business Awareness

As time goes on, there is a constant clamor for change in business marketing strategies. The pundits are declaring that consumer habits are constantly changing and hence marketers must change the way they market. We agree that the marketing strategies must change to match the way people are actually shopping. We are going to list those methods which need consistency to get results.

Reaching Out

With the business marketing databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, the immediate effective way is to reach out. Do this with a multi-pronged process of short but effective emails and courteous calls focusing on your product. In addition to using email to reach out, your team should utilize it as a follow-up tool to stay in touch with prospects and customers. 

Social Media

Social media is highly rated in marketing strategies but one point which is often overlooked is – consistency. A regular and consistent posting timeframe will improve your visibility and drive up your metrics on different platforms. Both your own original and shared quality contents are essential to continue the consistent presence there.

Quality Business Blog

Blogging with expertise and looking to provide answers to problems or issues arising in your sector on a regular basis, will keep visitor flow steady to your website. Expert commentary builds your brand as the credibility of your product builds. Without hesitation, your experts should be available to address issues on a priority basis. 
Last but not the least, please feel free to reach out to the expert team at for clearing any hurdles you face along the path to success. 877.448.0101 We are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST

Hot Sales Leads That Will Make You A Star!

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Users will find the updated CRM feature very useful. Once logged in, a notification appears, letting users know that there is updated information for their records. Users can pick and choose which information gets updated for each prospect. Information such as name, address, phone number.

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Pathway to Success for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Much has been written about the sure-success marketing strategies but usually, all of those grey pages assume a robust marketing team and resources at the disposal of the entrepreneur. It is a fact that many small business owners do multitasking from handling sales themselves to many other functions. The money factor doesn’t give them the luxury to employ different specialists to do different tasks.

There are certain strategies which can guide the small entrepreneur to not only handle most of the functions but also work towards building a successful business.

Business Time and Space

Most entrepreneurs might look at a time planner for the day, week, month but another aspect, space,  should be taken care of also. Space on the official table, around the working area and in general plays a vital role. Have a well-organized space to save time. For example, specific boards around to pin appointments/call and other reminders help.

Reaching Out

Customers are out there for your product and there are people searching on Google or elsewhere for solutions which you can offer. You need to reach out. Using data from you can make it a habit to do cold calling three times a day. Without putting pressure on your mental faculties, you can just reach out and let the results take care.

Incoming Traffic

Your website can do wonders for your business to attract prospects. Use your website to showcase your product. Your website is like the welcoming window to the world of your business. Focus on substance more than style. Without a good expert outlining of your products, you might get a lot of window-shoppers but not many paying clients.

Limited Offers

For small businesses, offers and enticements to engage are a big help. Most of the people looking for a product for their problem are attracted to an offer where there is some tasting of your offered products. Depending on your sector and products, you can decide what is the best way to move forward in this direction. Remember that your offers don’t have to be costly, but it must be valuable. That means that it doesn’t have to cost you much more than it does to produce your product than to give it away.

Expertise Showcasing

The most successful way forward towards success for your small business is letting the world know about your expertise. Your expertise and knowledge are valuable to people who are searching for answers. What looks like common knowledge to you is uncommon to most people. The moment a person gets a helping answer, you have made a loyal client. A chain reaction to boost your business thus starts, without you noticing it.


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Omaha, Nebraska., a website that provides its users with the most accurate sales leads, business profiles, and people search, is updating their CRM101 with web-to-lead integration. Now users have the option to integrate all of their prospects information into their smartphone. The useful App makes managing your prospects across multiple devices so simple.  It’s also available to download for current users at no extra charge. Visit the Salesforce App Exchange to download now! The amazing service is one of the most accurate list databases on the market today.

    Also,’s business databases are triple-verified and are, on average, 95% accurate which is the highest in the industry. The sign-up process is quick and simple. “I’ve been using for about four months now, and have loved it ever since! With the new CRM web-to-lead feature my prospects contact information is always up to date!” said Sales Associate, Kathryn I. from Independence, MO.

     Users will also find the updated CRM feature very useful. A notification alerts the user of updated information available for each one of their prospects. Now users have the option to pick and choose which information to update. The most noteworthy information is always up-to-date, such as name, address, phone number.

     The CRM101 is also included in every subscription at no extra cost. New and current users will find the web-to-lead integration feature extremely useful in keeping updated with the right information for each of their clients.‘s app is available for Android & iPhone through the Salesforce App Exchange and is included at no extra charge for subscribers.

     About Us:™ is a cloud-based, Software-As-A-Service (S-a-a-S) system that provides unlimited sales leads, business profiles, people search & CRM for less than $3/day. With’s system, you get access to the most accurate, triple-verified database on the market to date.

Contact: Kyle

Content Production, Packaging & Showcasing

Content Production, Packaging, and Showcasing

Every step in the expert optimized content marketing strategy is essential to get a successful lead generation finale, conversion of prospects into clients, cementing customers into loyalty brackets and use the free tool CRM provided by

The following pointers go a long way in generating content, take it forward and make the best use of available data from
Concise, User-Friendly Content

Your content has to be professional and concise but your team must make sure the content is in simple language. Also that it’s user-friendly and has a high-level of functionality instead of cumbersome descriptive narrations. Remember the importance of targeted content generation before jumping into showcasing the products.

Social Media on the Move

With the advent of the Internet, social media platforms became the buzzwords. It becomes imperative for your team to double-check on how your web pages, your testimonials, and other content appears on the mobile devices. At no time and for no content, your team should assume that it appears fine on the mobile domains. There must be a validated effort to make it appear fast and clear on mobile platforms. The result will be amazing.

Testimonials are Word of Mouth

The marketing value of word of mouth has been established from ancient days but today its taking new meanings and new channels. A genuine testimonial from an identified client goes a long way in converting a prospect. Again the testimonials when in video form, should be short but highlighting the usage and should avoid hollow sounding flattering phrases. You should use them on as many platforms as possible, in long and short versions.

Case Studies

For every targeted section/sector, an essential process which yields maximum benefit is to have regular case studies. These help in not only defining the path but also serve as a beacon. Make sure this is understood by your team so they shine in their next approach.

Identification and Targeting

Some marketing strategies lose their effectiveness by being too vague and trying to appeal to all. The key to success is identifying the audience using earlier mentioned testimonials and case studies. And then making a move to focus on that audience with all the tools in your arsenal. For different products, the methods can be different but it works to identify and use target clustered audience for lead conversion.

Usage of CRM

In using the aforementioned guidelines, you are armed with business databases which are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate. In moving forward but keeping track of your path, the free tool of CRM is a valuable asset to use. Our experts are always available to help and guide you in case of any hiccups.

Engagement on Virtual Platforms

Engagement – Real on Virtual Platforms

Most marketing strategies opt for social media postings as important and have a regular updating schedule on their social media platforms. Good but not excellent for getting maximum engagement out of the efforts and engaging prospects for further expansion. Once you have made your list of prospects from, there are ways to reach out to them in more engaging and interesting ways than just cold calling or dropping an email.

The following helpful guidelines work wonders if implemented diligently and your efforts optimized along the way:

Content is King

First and foremost make sure to have your marketing team thinkers put a short concise content on highlights of your product and solutions. Also, make sure they have all the answers ready for most of the questions which arise in a deal. The important point to note is although we say Content is the King we also qualify it by saying it must be in the Common Man Language Always.

Now your team can use the following to expand social media engagements.


A social media platform which has been ignored by most businesses is a question and answer website Quora. With its popularity expanding exponentially in different sectors and for umpteen subjects, your marketing team can do a benefit to your business by engaging in it. Let them brainstorm how best they can do it for the best results.


Like Quora, Google+ brings participants together on subjects and sectors of common interest and is another simple way to post and engage prospects together. Your marketing team can lead discussions, thus becoming influencers with products and solution on offer as well. The platform offers amazing results if pursued with diligence as potential prospects participate in conversations, leading to conversions.


Just tweeting on Twitter is no more as productive in lead generation as engaging different tools offered by this fast moving social media platform. Twitter Cards are very useful in increasing lead generation and must be used as much as possible. Another simple way is to promote your tweet. Depending on your budget, you can use to promote your punchline tweets about your product and solutions.

LinkedIn Writings

Posting blogs/articles on LinkedIn is common but it also advised to check other platforms like their publishing platform. This was opened to all users so anyone can create content. Your marketing team can modify and update your blogs and other content to utilize this.

Facebook Tools

In addition to just posting on your Facebook page, your team should once in a while go for Facebook live, Facebook quizzes and other engagement tools to attract prospects to participate and invite clients to showcase their satisfaction.


Another social media platform which is making inroads based on excellent content is Medium. Also, it has Medium Daily Digest and links to trending subjects. A must for an entrepreneur to reach the intellectual and avid reader kind of leads, who are looking for explanations.

Lead Generation Using Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Usage

In the fast-paced modern era of marketing strategies, there is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) and lead generation. Your marketing team is also focusing on it but understanding the basics is most important.

The AI solutions not only help extract insightful details out of your databases but also identify new prospects. The CRM tool, freely available with is an asset in managing the latter process while it’s time-tested databases apply to the former.

From Database

There are a select few AI solutions now available in the market to identify and extract details from your database. Some of the AI can decipher the connections between different leads and thus project prospects to pursue. These AI systems also get better at handling your big data as the process unfolds.

From Online

All your emails and other activities online from your different departments are also potential sources of lead generation. Most of the time your marketing team can miss the changing jobs, updated signatures, and allied information. An optimum AI solution can track those changes and yield results from in-office/out of office replies. And also track email signatures for updates.

Turning Prospects into Clients

In a very subtle way, the AI solutions can monitor the number of visits to your website. Also, the time spent there, the content read and other allied activities. These observations optimize your data and provide your sales team with an easy list of prospective clients. Over a period of time, AI is emerging as better equipped than humans in taking less time with more efficiency to deliver these results.


AI Bots on Website

Using a 24X7 AI solution to engage and enhance the interest of visitors is a must. Compared to cold calling or emailing, the initiative is from the prospect and your AI solution will guide you to take advantage of that in a positive way. Human engagement is essential especially once a conversation with a prospect has started.

Helping Hand of AI

Entrepreneurs understand the value of a customer. The AI solutions prove to engage customers looking for a solution. An immediate response will satisfy the customer.

Identifying Contact Channels

The AI solutions also make it possible for your sales team to identify the preferred channels of communication with individual prospects. Use the preferred channels immediately as it plays a major positive role in the communication and increases the chances of lead conversion.


CRM Usage

There is a psychological advantage your team gets when armed with all these facts about the prospects. The Free CRM tool helps in keeping records, track progress and makes sure no prospect is left behind.

For any roadblocks or problems your sales team might encounter using CRM, there is a dedicated team of experts at and always ready to provide guidance.


Major Guidelines for Maximizing ROI on Entrepreneurial Journey

lead generation

You, the entrepreneur have put your heart and soul into making your dream project come true. Now, with the business running, your aim is to maximize your ROI and here are the guidelines you need:

Define ROI Destination

To avoid a wild goose chase, you need to define goals which, in turn, will yield real-time profits and satisfaction. Depending on your business sector/industry, you can pragmatically define your goals and start your journey. Also, keep them flexible for adjustments as you move forward.

Realistic Strengths

Your team can do an internal appraisal to list the strengths and where you need to watch for pitfalls. These notes are valuable for your journey and must be updated periodically as you move forward.

Stepping Stone

With a proven track record of the best and most accurate in the industry, provide the first solid stepping stone on the way to success. With business databases having 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate, you are already cutting on the cost and time of lead generation.

Inroad Traffic

With the usage of these leads, you must be also prepared what happens when the prospects look you up before returning your call or contemplating a deal process with you. Your landing pages must generate a welcoming feel, a subtle trust factor, and authority in the industry.

Fine Tuning Responses

Once the engagement starts, usually with AI enabled solutions on your landing pages, the team members should be prompt to pick up the prospect to move towards a deal closure. Some prospects are in a hurry while some are detail-oriented, so make sure your team members deal with them accordingly.

CRM Usage

A free tool CRM is picking up in usage in recent times and is an excellent way to keep track of your leads. A repeat approach after giving a break time is essential to bring back slow moving leads. Also, the CRM keeps track of your team’s activities over a period of time.


Overall, many a promising prospect is lost because of falling through the cracks and some are annoyed by over-reaching marketing enthusiasts. Choosing an optimized method to move forward with will dramatically increase your ROI.


Marketing Balance With Prospects & Clients

Marketing Balance of Prospects and Clients

In a post-Spring cleanup scenario, your marketing team now needs to outline a new pragmatic strategy to balance their new lead generation for prospects and retention mechanisms for loyal customers. In both these paths of your optimized strategy, you have the added advantage of trusting database of going forward.

With the efforts to generate new leads, helped by databases, you can concentrate on balancing both while concentrating on keeping loyal customers happy. Although new prospects are essential to grow your business and prosper, there is a vital need to pamper your loyal customers and keep them happily engaged. The following pointers can guide your team.

Interactive Balancing Platform

Getting a balance in these two operations, a virtual platform to allow prospective leads and loyal customers to interact can be a valuable asset if managed with tact and control. Before you go ahead with this, your team will do well to consider these two factors:

Keeping Loyal Customers Happy

Loyal customers stay happy not only with excellent customer service but also with giving a patient ear to their voices. No complaint or need for an update is too small to ignore so make sure your team listens to all feedbacks, concerns, and messages. Another important thing is to keep the customers engaged while your trouble-shooting personnel do the needful.

Aiming for Prospects for Longterm

When using the database from to generate lead generation, the idea should be clear-cut that you are looking for a new generation of long-term loyal customers. This goes well as you handle both your customers and new prospects.

Mailing Information Updates

Customers love getting short updates on the products as no one wants to be left in the dark. Introductory materials with simple tips for getting best out of your offers work best.

Ongoing Incentives

Customers react better to clean offers that clearly state the details as scams are a threat to them. Thank You notes containing a free update on the product prove worthwhile in the long run.

The advantage of Free CRM

With the already proven advantage of successful lead generations with, there is another factor sometimes ignored. Free CRM tool. It’s important to note that free CRM tool is a great way to keep track of incoming data. It’s also useful in retention and then relaunching in different ways to reconnect.